Top 5 Calorie Burning Exercises

Calorie Burning Exercises

Living a fit, healthy and active life is a dream of most of the people. If I say that it’s a common dream of all humans then I won’t be considered wrong. People are always willing to spend time, efforts and money to live a vigorous life. The best practice is to keep a conscious eye on your lifestyle to not gain weight. However, if you’re one of those who are thinking or trying to lose those extra pounds then believe me it’s never too late to begin.

calorie burning exercises

The easy availability of scrumptious junk food results in tremendous weight gain. The human body used to store the extra fats when the consuming calories amount is higher than the burning out calories. Usually people try to find tips and techniques in order to shed their extra pounds. We all love to seek for the ways to be fit and healthy throughout the life. However, lack of motivation, time and info are some of the obstacles that hinder us in achieving our weight loss goals.

A basic rule of nutrition to lose weight or keep yourself fit and healthy is to burn more calories than you consume. People believe it and try to burn calories via different activities to keep them fit and active. However, mostly they are not aware of how to burn calories fast in a healthy way. The rule of thumb is to eat less calories than you burn usually to lose the fats from your body. Below is a list of top 5 calorie burning exercises to assist you in shaping and toning your body:

Running is one of the conventional ways which people use to burn the extra calories. It’s a simple but incredibly effective way of exercising that needs no especial equipment. The only thing you need specifically is a perfect pair of running shoes, a relaxing outfit and a perfect terrain. You can gain the benefits of running via different running workouts. An amount of 8 to 10 calories burn out while running on a normal pace. It’s imperative to make your runs more effective through different running techniques. It provides you more benefits in minimal time. Run for your healthy life three to five days in a week for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Cycling is a cardio workout that typically works on lower body and back muscles when it comes to toning the body but it is also amazingly efficient to burn calories and reduce fats from all over the body. It’s a great fun way to achieve your weight loss goals. Maintain a pace of 14 to 16 miles per hour to assist you in burning 600 to 800 calories. Consistency is the only thing that is needed to drop off excess weight via cycling. The other important thing is a cycle ;)

Swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits the body in a safe and appropriate way no matter what your age is. It’s a particular healthy activity that works on all over body muscles if you perform a variety of swimming strokes. It’s an effective and engaging way to maintain physical endurance, stamina and burning calories fast. The type of swimming strokes, individual weight of the swimmer and the time spent during one session of swimming are the factors that decide the number of calories burnt via swimming. Swimming is easy for joints and muscles. Mayo clinic’s experts found that a person weighing 160 pounds can burn up to 400 calories in an hour long session. The person with 200 and 240 pounds can burn up to 500 and 600 calories accordingly.

Zumba is the latest fitness fad that many people don’t know about. It’s a typical dancing workout that provides the benefits of a workout on Latin beats. This can assist in burning 500 to 1000 calories in an hour long session depending on the intensity and passion you exert in. It is a high interval training that offers a session of fun and movement on high note music. Zumba not only affects on physical fitness but it provides mental ease and satisfaction as well and keeps you active and confident. The nature of Zumba dance changes every time you perform the workout which makes it more excited for any performer. The movements in Zumba workout are based on heart pounding exercises that are related with repeated short dance steps in fast tempo music. Zumba, being a heavy aerobic exercise, is good news for health concern fellows.

Weightlifting has been considered as a particular manly workout to test a man’s physical strength. It is one of the oldest workout methods that are used to compete as a mean of physical fitness. Weightlifting is a perfect way to tone and strengthen one’s body. This is essential not only in look and feels good but it also assists in losing weight. When people want to build and enhance their muscular abilities then they tend to focus on bodybuilding and weightlifting. It improves muscular resistance in all no matter of age or gender. Having a proper workout plan is imperative when you want to get typical results from your weightlifting exercises.

People usually believe that in order to lose weight they should go for cardiovascular exercises. It’s a common belief that you’ve to move fast to burn calories. However, it has been proved that weightlifting also is an effective way of losing weight. We all know that to lose weight one should burn more calories than consume. Weightlifting is a perfect way to gain muscle mass and to improve the bone density. Muscles tissues are particularly responsible of your daily calorie burn. The more muscles you have the more higher your metabolism is. Experts estimated that every extra muscle pound you carry on your body assists in burning an additional 30-60 calories per day. Experts suggest combining your cardiovascular workout with weightlifting to get maximum health benefits including weight loss. It is also advisable to complete your strength workout before the cardiovascular activities.

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