A Guide To Swimming Techniques

Swimming techniques

Swimming is a great source of low impact, fast fat burning exercise to carry out for your cardio. In fact, Swimming as full body workout routine is the lowest form of impact cardio readily available to the vast majority of people.

Swimming techniques

This is so due the the lack of heavy resistances often encountered in most other types of cardio, such as jogging, where large forces are exerted through the body which can make your gym workout routine un-enjoyable. These large forces result in an increased recovery times as opposed to Swimming where recovery times are usually the fastest.

It is for this reason, we commonly hear of sport persons using Swimming pools for rehabilitation from injuries and other such ailments. The light resistances in the water give the individual the opportunity to increase flexibility and strength in the injured area.

It is advisable for those who engage in high impact exercise and sports to take a day of cardio in the pool rather than the road or field as a form of active recovery.

Swim Workouts

You may not think swimming pools can really offer a great workout but in actually fact they be truly challenging.

Personally, I have always advocated HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in every type of cardio that is orientated around burning calories and in turn burning fat fast. For swimming my attitude is no different.

The workout in the swimming pool that I find extremely effective is as follows:

  • Start off by warming up a few lengths of breast stroke or front crawl.
  • After this rest for a minute and then complete 2 full lengths of front crawl at top pace without stopping.
  • After these 2 lengths complete 6 lengths at a moderate pace.
  • After this rest for 1-2minutes at which point the process is repeated for a half hour to 45 minutes.

Do I Burn Fat While Swimming Laps?

For those wondering if swimming burns fat or not what you may be pleased to hear is that swimming is ideal in more ways than one. Swimming not only burns calories, but it also builds muscle, primarily to the core muscles and the upper body which helps to increase you metabolism.

For those trying to acquire their ideal body fat percentage, it is advisable (as with every type of cardio) that it be done for less than 40 minutes 2 to 4 times per week at varied pace, i.e. flat out for 2 length and then at a steady pace for 6 lengths and then flat out for 2 lengths again and so on.

Also, depending on your swimming capabilities, it maybe wise to alternate your style every ten lengths.

Whether it be breast stroke, front crawl, backstroke or whatever takes your fancy.

This kind of variation can help to improve your flexibility and strength according to the muscle groups predominately used!

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