Ab Exercise Routine For Beginners To Advanced Levels

ab exercise routine

I believe a truly great ab exercise routine should be short, concise and effective.

ab exercise routine

Quality as oppose to quantity with the most effective ab exercises. So really it should be all about getting beach body hot abs ASAP!

I’m sure most people wouldn’t want to do any more tedious ab exercises than they have to, especially if they are bringing them no more closer to their goals of getting great abs. After all we’ve got better things to be doing other than wasting multiple hours hanging around a gym!

On a serious note though, a question I am constantly receiving from people who desperately want visible abs for the summer months.

What is the best diet and exercise combination to get a six pack, generally we get this question around January when people are thinking about planning a vacation.

This isn’t a very long amount of time to get into shape for some people it would be impossible but for people who already exercise on a regular basis it is possible just by making a few alterations to their diet and workout plan.

Ab Exercise Routine Option 1

Here’s an ab routine which provides excellent development to the ab muscles.
It targets the 4 muscles in the abdominal region:

  • Lower abs
  • Middle abs
  • Upper abs
  • Side oblique

Whole Body Routine
3 day’s per week this is a whole body ab resistance routine

Basic Routine – 3-day Resistance to be completed 3 times per week – Duration 35 minutes approximately

Rest & Recovery – Take a day rest between sessions i.e. complete it Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Intensity – Carry-out the exercises slowly focusing on good form – Take 45 seconds between each exercise.

Ab Workout

Abdominal Strengthening   Sets x Reps 
Kneeling Cable Crunch 3 x 15-25 reps
Elbow to knee twisting crunch 3 x 15-25 reps
Scissors 2 x 10 each leg
Full Body Crunch 3 x 20
Side Oblique 3 x 12
Weight-lifting Sets x Reps
Squats 12, 12, 10, 6, 6
Deadlifts 3 x 8

Scissors Exercise

Elbow To Knee Twisting Crunch

Full Body Crunch

Points to Note

Keep mixing things up so it stays fresh, move onto ab routine 2 after two weeks of training

Take a day rest between sessions i.e. complete it Monday, Wednesday and Friday, resting is just as important as training you need to let your muscles rest so they can grow.

Ab Exercise Routine 2

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Exercise Sets x Reps
Star Jumps 4-6 x 20 reps
Push-Ups 4-6 x 12 reps
Burpees 4-6 x 10 reps
Squat Presses 4-6 x 12 reps
Plank 4-6 x 30 secs
High Knees 4-6 x 30 secs


Once you have completed two weeks of routine 2 you can either start with routine 1 again or move onto ab gym routine if you have a gym membership or the fitness equipment at home. Don’t stick with routine two longer than two weeks you need to mix up your routines to keep it fresh and effective.Points to note

Ab Gym Routine

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Exercises  Sets x Reps
Bent over rows 4-6 x 8 reps
Upright rows 4-6 x 10 reps
Tricep dips 4-6 x 10 reps
Arnold press 4-6 x 8 reps
Lunges 4-6 x 8 reps
Squats 4-6 x 8 reps
Dead lifts 4-6 x 8 reps


Points To Note

Do the  exercises with no rest for one set, try to move onto the next set with in a minute or so.

If you have completed all 3 routines you should be 6 weeks into your ab training routine, you now have two options

Option 1
If you are happy with your figure go back to routine 1 and continue with the program.

Option 2
If you are wanting to increase fitness, tone, muscle or loose more fat follow the advanced section below.

Advanced Ab Workouts

Below are two advanced ab workout routines if you feel you are ready to go to the next level of fitness.
This will double up on your efforts and you will start to see serious results over the next four weeks, however, this is twice as time consuming so a lot of commitment is required.

The two routines below are to be incorporated with the routines above, you need to do the advanced workout routine on a morning the one of the regular ab routines on an night, I do them before and after work.

It’s very important that workout one day and rest the second day all week, your body needs time to recover otherwise you will burn yourself out and all the effort will be wasted and you also increase the risk of injury.

Advanced Workout with Gym

Monday 45 minutes HIIT on the Cross Trainer
Tuesday OFF
Wednesday 45 minutes HIIT on the Rowing Machine
Thursday OFF
Friday 1 hour Weights
Saturday OFF
Sunday 1 hour Swimming

Advanced Workout without Gym

Monday 45 minutes HIIT Running
Tuesday OFF
Wednesday 45 minutes HIIT Bike
Thursday OFF
Friday 45 minutes Push up Exercises
Saturday Off
Sunday 1 hour Swimming

Your Thoughts

Have you tried and tested any of our routines? what have been your own experiences have you seen a big improvement? let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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