A Guide To Staying Fit and Healthy For Apple Shape Body Types

In this article we wanted to examine the apple-shaped body to discover the best diet and fitness options, health issues and everything we could find in relation to keeping a happy body shape.

Apple Body Shape

The apple shaped-body refers to one of the four female body shapes.
From body-shape analysis it’s clear that this would be a woman who generally carries most her body fat in the abdominal region resembling the shape of a apple.

A woman with an apple body shape will usually have a large circumference to her mid section as oppose to her lower body which is commonly smaller, thus giving her an apple-shaped appearance.

A common issue with the apple-shaped body types is weight, overweight apples pose more of a health risk to themselves than those with a pear-body shape, this is due to visceral fat that the apple body-shape is prone to.
This is fat which surrounds vital internal organs such as the kidneys and the liver, “Beer bellies” as they are commonly known are as a result of this type of fat.

If you feel you are overweight don’t worry, by following this guide you will be able to control your weight and over time learn a routine to keep in shape.

Health Concerns For Apple-Body Shapes

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Any and every Apple-shaped body is at risk of becoming over weight and once the weight is gained the only way to slim down is with exercise and a healthy diet, the biggest health issue with apple shapes is a build up of visceral fat within the ab muscles which puts pressure on the outer walls of the abdomen resulting in the belly being forced outward.

Visceral fat differs from subcutaneous fat which is fat that lies between muscle and your outer skin (This fat jiggles)

Visceral fat is associated with insulin resistance which gives rises to coronary disease, diabetes, heart disease high cholesterol and an increase in triglyceride levels.
Commonly, the higher the waist to hip ratio, the higher the risk one is to developing these problems in the future!

It’s important to understand that the above health issues are normally a problem in later years of life especially if you have not exercised or sustained a healthy diet, if you are looking to make changes there is no time like the present.

Health Warning

As we spoke about already, if your body is apple-shaped, with a high Waist-to-Hip-Ratio (WHR) you are susceptible one or more of whole host of serious health implications.

Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, breast and endometrial cancer just to name a few. It is now clear why it’s so important for you to keep down your weight and have a stable fitness routine.

This is just a reminder why it’s so important to follow this guide we also suggest passing on this information to family members and friends who also could benefit from understanding the importance of this easy routine.

Body Fact: Your body shape is a combination of skeletal structure, fat and muscles originating from your geneticst

Why Do I Need To Know My Body-Shape?

Identifying your body shape before you plan on undertaking any regime can be beneficial in many ways.

Body shape analysis can bring to your attention aspects of dieting, exercise and lifestyle which can all work together to make your fat burning workout plan and fat burning diets more effective when working toward your goal of having a beautiful body shape.

There are four different female body shapes if you are unsure which one you are you need to use a Body shape calculator
Once you know your shape you can now follow one of our body shape guides.

Body Fact: Estrogen’s impact the female sexual characteristics breasts and hips but also effect fat distrubution

Food and Diet

Food and diet menu example

The ideal apple-shaped body diet proportion would be:

2/5 carbs

2/5 proteins

1/5 healthy fats

Trying to keep to these proportions is not essential but is ideal for your shape. You don’t have to be a wizard in the kitchen to eat healthy, buying the correct food and making small changes to your current diet could be the simplest solution.

Carbs – As with all fat loss diets the carbohydrate intake should be based on Low-Moderate G.I foods. i.e. Carbs that release energy slowly as oppose to rapidly which can result in fat gain due to surplus energy from these foods.

- Moderate G.I Carbs: whole grains, brown rice, vegetables, and fruit)

Protein - All proteins consumed should be lean and very low in fat.
For example, skinless chicken\turkey breasts, eggs, tuna in brine, lean steak.

Fats – Extra virgin olive oil should make most of the healthy fat in the diet.

Fat can help maintain healthy hair and skin, protects vital organs, keeps your body insulated, and provides a sense of fullness after meals. This of course can help make meal number restrictions when dieting more tolerable.

Diet Plan Example

The above diet plan is just an example it would be difficult for anyone to eat the same food every day, however you should use this as a guide to what you should be consuming.

It’s advisable to create a weekly menu based around the above diet plan, you need to change all the main meals on a daily basis to stop your food intake from being dull and repetitive.

TIP: follow the links above to find more food options you can incorporate into your diet

If you feel you are overweight stick close to the above diet plan for two weeks and start the exercise routine below, at the end of the two weeks you will notice a significant difference in body weight and personal fitness.
It’s at this point your efforts will go in one of two directions.

  • 1. You slip back into old ways and return back to your same bad habits.
  • 2. You continue but struggle to notice much difference.

Try your best to go with direction two, the initial struggle is understandable; making diet and fitness changes is not easy especially for apple shaped-body’s but the effort in the long run will be worth it.
If you do persist and feel you are not making any more progress in weeks 3, 4, 5 this is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. In the first two weeks you did loose weight and you may not be the size or weight you would like to be but everything takes time and if you continue eating healthy and following the workout routine you will reach your goal.

One thing I will say about changing bad habits is to stop waiting for something to happen, you have made the decision to change your lifestyle and are heading in the right direction, there is no point in time when you wake up and as if by magic you have got a six pack or lost the belly fat, have the ability to run a marathon or compete in the crossfit games it all takes time with high and low points on the way.

No matter what body shape you are it is worth taking a look at this page regarding your diet

Body Fact: The apple-shaped body is the second most uncommon figure with only 14% of women actually Apple-Shaped

Exercise Routine

Circuit training workout

30 mins to an hour of low to moderate body toning exercises 3-5 times per week.

The individual with the apple-shaped-body should be concerned with developing osteoporosis so a low impact exercise like cross training and swimming should be chosen as opposed to high impact cardio such as running or rowing.

If you currently don’t exercise it’s best to start off slow exercising once or twice a week increasing your routine slowly over time and at your own pace, don’t try to do to much all at once you will most likely cause an injury preventing you for exercising entirely.

Below is a workout plan that you should build up to if you currently do not exercise or if you are already exercising this workout is ideal for your body shape.

Week 1 Exercise Time Frame
Monday Walking 1 Hour
Tuesday Swimming 45 minutes
Wednesday Rest Rest
Thursday Step aerobics at home or join a class and make some new friends on the way 1 Hour
Friday Yoga at home buy a DVD or join a class 1 Hour
Saturday Rest Rest
Sunday Walk + light swimming 30 minutes + 30 minutes
Week 2 Exercise Time Frame
Monday Cycling 45 minutes
Tuesday Rest Rest
Wednesday Tai Chi 45 minutes
Thursday Pilates 45 minutes
Friday Dancing! Ballroom to country, disco to samba the list is endless 1 hour
Saturday Rest Rest
Sunday Cycling – walking 30 minutes + 30 minutes

This two week plan is basically a mixture of activity’s that are not to demanding but will burn calories they are also fun and relatively easy to achieve.

You can change the activity’s around or even change them to other similar activity’s you enjoy more, the key is to stick with the routine and to keep mixing it up to ensure things stay fresh, people are more likely to succeed if it’s not repetitive.

Body Fact: A Study of teenage girls demonstrated a increase in stress when viewing female figures in the media

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