Best Crossfit Shorts for Men Comparison Guide

Crossfit shorts

Crossfit training is a very popular workout programme that you can do at home or you can sign up for one of the licensed affiliates in your area.
No matter what option you choose you will require the correct apparel including at least one pair of shorts.
Our ultimate comparison guide takes the time and hassle out of searching for the correct pair by simply using our interactive chart of crossfit-shorts.

The analysis in the chart will help you decide what are the best crossfit shorts for you based on what you decide is important.
We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good pair of shorts for any kind of exercise including price, color and material to name a few search options.

Ultimate Shorts for Crossfit Comparison Guide

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Top 5 From The Ultimate Shorts Designed for Crossfit List

ImagesBrand / ManufacturerColorMachine WashMaterialDimensionsPriceRating
chikara fight shorts
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Hayabusa Chikara Shorts5 choicesyesl PolyDirectionalTM stretch fabric.11,50 inch inseam$$$$4.3
evo shorts for training
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Grips Athletics Miura Evo Shorts3 choicesyesstretch fabric (FLEX Series)12,30 inch inseam$$$$4.4
crossfit shorts for workouts
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Reebok CrossFit Shorts MenGraphite GreyYes100% Cotton12.3 x 1 x 9 inches$$$$$4.3
Pearl IZUMI men quest shorts

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Pearl iZUMi Men's Quest Cycling Short
Black OnlyYes86 percent nylon, 14% spande 9-Inch inseam$$$$4.4
Soffe mens shorts

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Soffe Men's Classic Cotton Pocket Short
3 choicesYes100% cotton9-Inch inseam$4.3

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As you can imagine it’s taken our team a long time to research the market to find a top 50 list of crossfit fight shorts, in fact we had to test over 630 pairs of shorts before compiling our very own list!
We hope the list is of some value to you and it helps you to buy the correct pair of shorts for your needs.

Top 5 Shorts for Crossfit Training

Above is our top five list of cross-fit shorts but why are these our top five?
Every pair of shorts in the top five list has a valid reason for being a good choice for crossfit training, below is a review of each pair of shorts giving you more information and why we recommend each product.

N0 1 – Best Value – Hayabusa Chikara Fight Shorts

hayabusa chikara crossfit shorts

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Visually the hayabusa fight shorts stand out from all the other shorts even in the top 5, they are instantly noticeable and out of all the shorts I have tested these have had the most comments when attending crossfit sessions or regular workouts at the gym.

If you are wanting a pair of crossfit wod shorts that get people talking and probably makes people a little envious you bought them first, out of all in the top five these are the ones you are looking for, however, after testing all 5 colors I did notice the white and black versions had a similar effect to each other but the grey pair didn’t stand out at all and I have only received one compliment about the grey version.

Enough about vanity lets talk more about the quality of the shorts (no matter what color you choose) these are our BEST VALUE pick. Out of the box you will notice a large screen printed Hayabusa logo on the left leg and a smaller logo on the right leg the oriental logo text looks cool and has so far with stood over 40 machine washes with out any fading or chipping of the logos.

Inside Flex panel is a tough material (should easily last the lifetime of the shorts) it’s 3 1/2 Inches wide giving enough space even for large legs, the flex gives another 2 Inches during use more than enough for any activity including running.
On the outside legs you have a 4 1/2 Inch slit with a double stitch machine embroidery for longer life span.

Top of the shorts is a vertical and horizontal closing strap made from a commercial velcro material, very quick to put on and take off the shorts and safer than a metal zipper Ouch! I think all the guys will know what I am talking about. The velcro system is high quality and one of my favorite aspects of the Hayabusa shorts, nothing sticks to the velcro except the hook and loop keeping the shorts clean and free from fluff.

On the inside of the shorts is a double channel lock draw string to provide a secure fit, also you will find a unique material grip around the hem of the shorts to stop them moving up or down during training. On the back of the shorts is two more Hayabusa screen printed logos one large in the centre and another smaller logo on the bottom left leg.

N0 2 – Buyer Rating – Grips Athletics Miura Evo Crossfit MMA Shorts

Grips Crossfit Shorts

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The Grips evo shorts are our BUYER RATING winner and this is why it is in the top 5 but you may have noticed it doesn’t have a 5 out of 5 rating compared to others in the top 50 list, so why is this the BUYER RATING winner?

When we set out to create the ultimate mens crossfit shorts comparison list we decided to go into extreme detail and testing to make the list as accurate as possible, when it came to this section we hit a problem, some of the user ratings where inaccurate due to only a few user reviews so we needed to add more user information to our end calculations.

Lets talk about the shorts, every pair has a black trim with 3 main body options black/white or yellow we have used all three over the past 6 months the most popular trim that draws attention is the yellow colour, however we have had the most compliments in black so my conclusion is by the white! only joking I would buy the black but the rest of the body to shape team love the yellow I guess it all comes down to personal preference.

The shorts have the GRIPS logo in large screen print down the right leg and the same but smaller logo on the front Velcro grip.
When viewing from the front a pattern comes together as a circle (always reminds me of the game halo). As this pair made our top five and the material raised some concerns of quality we decided to conduct a in-depth machine wash test to ensure a decent life span, the results where very good.

Two Pairs Tested – Yellow Trim & White Trim

70 washes – Light fading of colour but no visible wear

120 washes – No more fading of colour and no visible wear

180 washes – No more fading of colour and light visible wear

It need to be stated these where tested wash after wash with no use in-between

These Grips Athletics Miura Evo Shorts have a double Velcro closure ideal for quick and safe changes the quality of the Velcro is not commercial grade but easily with stood the machine test without any issue. Grips call it the Safe Lock™ system we liked it.
Side slits are 5 Inches long giving ample space for movement on both legs, each slit has it’s own trim colour depending on your personal preference.

N0 3 – Most Comfortable – Reebok CrossFit Board Shorts

Reebok CrossFit Intensify Shorts

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Reebok TM is now the official sponsor of the crossfit games held in California USA, Reebok have designed a pair of crossfit board shorts just for crossfit or “crossfitters” as they like to call participates but this is not the reason why these shorts have made the top 5.

Out of all the shorts we have tested The Reebok CrossFit Intensify Shorts (full title to be exact) are our MOST COMFORTABLE recommendation and for good reason, the crossfit range has been developed by “crossfitters” (I’m guessing this means competitors of the games) so it makes sense the shorts are ideal for crossfit training and the reason why we found them to be so comfortable.

According to Reebok these crossfit board shorts for men are made from 100% cotton and are water resistant, UV protective fabric however the feel of the shorts seems different to the touch, once you put the short on a grip of your wast is more than apparent and you are left to wonder why all shorts are not made this way.

At the front you have the option of a single drawstring and a small velcro strap but in my opinion it’s not required as the fitting is already excellent but possibly a thinner body fame to my own would require the drawstring.

Visually these are crossfit short shorts but are all about the screen printing on the left leg is a large vertical Reebok crossfit  logo in baby blue and followed by a grey inprint wrapped along the bottom is a grey trim design and then the back left leg has the red reebok crossfit logo small print, all screen printing easily with stood 40 machines washes with out fading or any signs of wear.

Each leg has a 3 Inch side slit but the shorts do have another selling point the PlayDry technology it apparently has the ability to move moisture then also increases ventilation but I have no way of testing these claims apart from wearing the shorts while getting hosed down by my wife in the garden (yes I actually did this) my findings are ? I got wet and that’s about it! maybe I’ve misunderstood the concept.

Each pair have a 10″ inseam and embossed waistband visible from the back only.
I personally love these shorts I wear them every week and not just for crossfit I would happily buy another pair tomorrow.

N0 4 – Highest Quality – Pearl iZUMi Men’s Quest Shorts

Pearl Izumi Quest shorts review

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When it comes to shorts Pearl iZUMi are top dogs without doubt every pair I have tested and I think we are up to 30+ pairs just from the Pearl iZUMi range I want to keep, yes take them home and make them mine forever.

Pearl iZUMi are the Ferrari of the shorts world specializing in compression shorts crossfit, cycling, running and triathlon so it should come as no surprise to find a pair in the top 5 crossfit short list and around 8 pairs in the top 50 that’s how good this brand is at making high quality shorts.

Our HIGHEST QUALITY award goes to Pearl iZUMi Quest that is designed as a cycling short in all honesty you could choose any of the Pearl iZUMi range and be more than happy with the quality but feel a lot lighter in the pocket!

Lets talk more about the shorts, you can buy cheaper and more expensive Pearl iZUMi but out of the entire range we feel these are exceptional for price and quality.

Another shout for select transfer fabric that sets the benchmark for moisture transfer (more advanced than other brands “apparently”) but in my opinion I don’t notice this at all (maybe it’s just me).
Specially designed for chafe free comfort and this really is noticeable during running, cycling or any workout in general, It has amazed me during out testing how many shorts produced chafing of some kind.

UPF 50+ sun protection always a good option if you live somewhere hot and you are competing or training outside.

At the front of the shorts is a screen printed small logo on the right leg but everything else is pure black, the only other aspect I can mention is the silicone leg grippers that keep the shorts in place.

I’ve never been a big fan of tight fitting shorts but the Pearl iZUMi range have me converted.

N0 5 – Best Price – Soffe Men’s Classic Cotton Pocket Shorts

Soffee Shorts

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MJ Soffe offer a wide range of discount clothing but out of all the low cost shorts we have tested in our ultimate crossfit workout shorts comparison list  these are the lowest price that withstood the most testing.

The shorts are made from 100% cotton and feel nice and soft unlike some of the other low cost ranges, they have an elastic wast band and single drawstring to hold the shorts in place during exercise. (we experienced no wear on the elastic over a 6 week rigorous testing period)

The shorts are a plain color front and back you have the choices of  three colors Oxford/Navy and Black, we tested two pairs the Oxford and Navy in machine washes to test durability and fading.

70 washes – light fading of black no fading of Oxford – no wear

120 washes – More fading of black – light fading of Oxford – light wear

180 washes – More fading of black and Oxford – visible wear on both pairs

Both sets of shorts where also used for training and cycling during testing

Overall we where highly impressed with the MJ Soffe shorts and really couldn’t have asked for anything more considering the cost, they are not crossfit games shorts and you will not win best dressed  at the gym but they are the very best bottom end and worth the money.

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