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Home Workout DVDs

Diet and fitness videos are not something new, their design and format may have changed over the years but the concept remains the same. From VHS to DVD and now to Blu- Ray, the popularity of workout videos has flourished. These videos initially triggered the concept of exercising at home and since their popularity has grown, other forms of home exercise have also become popular.

Home Workout DVDs

It is popular now for celebrities from both the sporting world and elsewhere to endorse particular fitness workout DVDs, the majority even conduct the workout themselves. As mentioned, some have a sporting background and therefore their DVD’s automatically carry a degree of pedigree, others however are just the products of a successful fitness regime and use a DVD to pass on their knowledge. British television presenter Davina McCall has a very successful range of fitness workout DVDs on the market today.

As well as celebrity fitness workout DVDs there are also others which are sport specific and are therefore popular too, martial arts seem to be well covered in this field. These DVDs as well as those which involve new exercise sensation ‘Zumba’ are increasingly popular because of the positive physical and psychological effects of this type of exercise.

And finally there are the fitness workout DVDs which are endorsed and presented by those who have made a living out of the industry. Rosemary Conley and Mr Motivator are examples of professionals who have turned their hand to produce a popular series of workout DVDs.

All fitness workout DVDs allow those who wish to exercise at home do exactly that. The DVD generally replaces the role played by the instructor and those who are watching and part- taking follow the lead of the DVD. Some have additional features and their duration can vary. This article aims to identify and describe some of the best fitness workout DVDs on the market today.

This fitness workout DVD, designed and lead by American fitness trainer Jillian Michaels is perfect for anyone looking to lose a lot of weight in a short space of time. The 30 Day Shred DVD can guide some users to lose as much as 20 pounds in just 30 days.

Jillian guides users through a range of exercises covering both cardiovascular and muscle endurance training with a major focus on the abdominal muscles. The 1-2-3 intensity ratings are great for users to find their feet with this fitness workout DVD with the aim of progressing through the various intensity levels during the 30 day period. Each intensity level has its own separate DVD, each lasting 20 minutes.

Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred

Reasons To Buy?: This fitness workout DVD is very neat in terms of design with its format is very easy to follow. The different DVDs for the different intensity levels is a great idea, meaning users can easily select the intensity at which they wish to exercise without having a navigate through a series of menus. Another great design feature is the way each individual workout only lasts for 20 minutes meaning users with limited time to exercise can most likely find time to exercise at some point in their day following the format of Jillian Michaels DVD.

The final reason to buy is the price. With Amazon selling this DVD for £5.00 there is no excuse not to give the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD a try. A monthly gym membership would certainly cost way in excess of £5.00 so in comparison this DVD is certainly value for money, particularly when users analyse the possible weight loss results.

Reasons Not To Buy?: Unfortunately despite having its advantages in terms of design, this fitness workout DVD is very restricting with regard to long term weight loss. Although the 30 day exercise routine is quick and simple it is also short term. Some of the results users have experienced are fantastic but once their 30 days is complete those who exercise using this DVD struggle to continue exercising, they have no obvious next step.

This DVD is obviously popular because of its short term weight loss success but at the same time others may class this as a major disadvantage. An improved design could see Jillian Michaels and those behind this DVD concentrate on the long term effects of exercise and weight loss and then possibly produce a fitness workout DVD which can be used continuously.

Duration: 60 minutes (3 x 20 minute DVDs)

Price: £5.00 (Amazon)

Josie Gibson’s 30 Second Slim

Reality TV star Josie Gibson has taken advice, hints and tips once given to her and produced her own fitness workout DVD. Having lost three stone with the assistance of personal trainer James Stark, both have teamed up to produce this DVD.

The DVD follows the idea of interval training, short intense periods of exercise followed by short periods of rest. It was through interval training that Josie lost the majority of her weight and she has decided to assist others by producing this top fitness workout DVD.

Using a similar format to Jillian Michaels, Josie Gibson’s 30 second Slim DVD is split into three intensity levels, each numbered. Regardless of the intensity each workout lasts for 20 minutes, consisting of a four minute warm up, a four minute cool down and a 12 minute main workout.

The warm up consists of a range of simple yet effective calorie burning exercises whereas the cool down is mainly made up of stretches. However it is the interval workout routine which most buy this DVD for, the exercises included in the routine look at toning the stomach, arms and bottom.

Reasons To Buy?: This fitness workout DVD is ideal for anyone with little time to exercise. Its design allows users to exercise for a short period whilst experiencing similar benefits to those who exercise over a long period of time. Interval training is now a widely used fitness technique and this fitness workout DVD is a great introduction to this concept for those unfamiliar with its format.

Another reason to buy this DVD is the fact it is endorsed by someone who knows first hand the benefits of this type of exercise. Josie Gibson’s success story is proof itself of the impact interval training can have on those looking to lose weight. Josie Gibson should be an inspiration to anyone wishing to shred the pounds and the fact she leads the exercise and uses the know how of James Stark really speaks volumes for this DVD.

Reasons Not To Buy?: Although suitable for those looking for an exercise regime which is not time consuming, Josie Gibson’s 30 Second Slim is very intense. There is a reason why the workouts do not last a long period of time and that is because users are instructed to exercise at an extremely high tempo.

In terms of health and fitness there is no harm in exercising at a high tempo for a short period of time. In terms of this DVD however this limits accessibility for beginners and others who do not exercise regularly. This is not a workout DVD which users can casually follow, it needs to be followed regularly, preferably by those accustomed to exercising on a regular basis. Due to its high intensity and tempo Josie Gibson’s 30 Second Slim is unsuitable for anyone looking for an introductory DVD.

Duration: 60 minutes (3 x 20 minutes)

Price: £9.39 (Amazon)

Davina Intense

This is TV star Davina McCall’s 2013 fitness workout DVD. Over the years Davina has become one of the pioneers of celebrity fitness workout DVDs seeing off a lot of competition in the process. Each year Davina’s DVD is themed and this edition is all about intensity. Similar to Josie Gibson’s fitness workout DVD Davina uses the concept of interval training to guide users through an intense workout.

Davina Intense is divided up into three separate training styles, intense cardio box, intense toning and intense abs. These three components, sandwiched by a warm up and a cool down contribute to the complete intense workout experience. The intense cardio box involves generic boxing moves mixed with speed training. The intense toning is a combination of toning exercises, weight training and more speed training. And the intense abs is a workout designed specifically for your abdominals and core muscles.

This fitness workout DVD is designed to increase users’ heart rate, working their bodies at a very intense level for a short period of time. These periods of exercise are then broken up with short periods of rest before exercise begins once more. The DVD closely follows the complete principles of high intensity interval training.

Reasons To Buy?: One of the main reasons this fitness workout DVD is successful and popular is Davina McCall’s reputation, there were several of Davina’s series which could have easily been included in this article. Davina’s pedigree speaks for itself and there is a reason why a huge number of customers choose to buy Davina’s DVDs year after year. As a television personality and fitness guru Davina McCall is trusted and her popularity has grown over the years, particularly as users can see Davina manages to keep herself in shape by exercising regularly.

Another reason to buy is the length of this DVD, with over and hour and a half of footage this workout video certainly provides value for money. In comparison to other workout DVDs included in this article, Davina Intense offers customers a trusted name, a range of workouts, a lengthy DVD and all at a really good price.

Reasons Not To Buy?: Again because of the intensity of this DVD anyone new to exercise would find the tempo far too much to handle. For those who have experience of any of Davina’s other exercise DVDs Intense may be the next gradual step, for anyone else however this DVD may see them out of their depth. Unfortunately this may deter a lot of people from buying into what is an excellent series of DVDs by Davina McCall. Buying some of Davina’s other DVDs prior to experiencing the tempo of Intense is certainly recommended however this could be both expensive and time consuming.

Duration: 95 minutes.

Price: £9.25 (Amazon)

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Volume One

In this DVD seven times world martial arts champion Billy Blanks presents a new fitness sensation which has swept across the USA, Tae Bo. In this DVD Billy presents strength exercises, self defence moves, dance and boxing. With this DVD being volume one Billy works through the basics of this particular martial art introducing some of the most straightforward moves.

Billy Blanks uses an almost army like attitude to motivate users in what is a very intense workout DVD. For those who like a challenge this DVD is made for you, provided you can keep up with Billy’s tough American attitude towards exercise.

The physical advantages of the Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Volume One DVD are fantastic with many taking to this martial art because it is nothing like any exercise they have experienced before. Users of this DVD have been known to burn a staggering 800 calories an hour. Billy instructs users throughout the DVD with all complicated exercises explained thoroughly and his personality and approach to exercise really make this fitness workout DVD a success.

Reasons To Buy?: The main reason to buy this DVD is the price. At £4.95 users can’t fail to be provided with value for money. Although Tae Bo is likely to be a new concept for many, buying the DVD will be a risk worth taking for many even if they find Tae Bo difficult or not as expected then due to the reasonable price of this product they aren’t  likely to feel out of pocket.

Another reason to buy Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Volume One is that it is something new and for serious fitness fanatics varying exercise routines can be the key to success. It is unlikely that many people will have experienced anything like Billy Blanks or Tae Bo before and in turn this makes this fitness workout DVD a must have for anyone looking to add variety to their workout.

Reasons Not To Buy?: It is difficult to highlight reasons not to buy this DVD, even if users do not like the concept of Tae Bo it is not as if they will have spent a lot of money to purchase this product. One reason not to buy could possibly be the length of the DVD. As users will find out, Tae Bo can be very intense and 70 minutes of high tempo exercise would be too much for professional athletes to manage never mind amateurs. In order to combat this, Billy Blanks could think about designing his DVDs in a similar way to Josie Gibson and Jillian Michaels, separating the workout into different intensity ratings.

Duration: 70 minutes.

Price: £4.95 (Amazon)

David Haye’s Box And Tone

David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye has fast become one of British boxing’s biggest stars and has risen to real prominence over the last five years. Now the former Heavyweight Champion is venturing into the world of fitness workout DVDs with this fantastic box and tone DVD. Throughout the DVD Haye introduces a series of fitness, muscle tone and core strength exercises which are suitable for all abilities.

The DVD is divided into six sections and users can navigate between the various sections as they attempt to build their own workout programme. The sections include a 100 minute workout, shadow boxing, circuit training, conditioning abs and core strength.

There is an upbeat soundtrack to the whole DVD and this helps users with motivation. This motivation can be combined with Haye’s expertise to assist with three specific areas in which The Haymaker provides great tuition. The three disciplines are: upper body strength, legs toning and co ordination.

Although his expert knowledge in the field of fitness has made this DVD a success it is David Haye’s personality which has helped make him a household name and he portrays this well throughout the DVD. So if you’re looking for a thorough fitness workout DVD with lots to offer and a likeable expert to guide you along the way then David Haye’s Box And Tone is a very good choice.

Reasons To Buy?: This fitness workout DVD is included in this article because it is sport specific and endorsed by a household name. With this DVD Haye has stuck to what he knows in terms of boxing and has not tried to delve into an unknown area like some sporting stars try to do with their fitness workout DVDs. Sport specific fitness workout DVDs are always popular because they cover a niche market and with this product David Haye has managed to cover a small area of the fitness workout DVD market by adding a degree of personality and professionalism to this particular DVD.

Another reason to buy is the value for money this product provides. For as little as £6.00 customers can engage in 100 minutes of exercise, this is fantastic value for money. When all of the features of this DVD are considered, the price is very little. The various exercise modes which this workout DVD has to offer are fantastic regardless of the price and in itself this shows the quality of David Haye’s Box And Tone.

Reasons Not To Buy?: On the flip side of David Haye marketing this workout DVD to exploit a gap in the workout DVD market, he has also limited a proportion of his audience by focusing solely on boxing. Although The Hayemaker has tried to make this DVD accessible to all, the title is likely to put a lot of people off buying this DVD, particularly anyone who does not like boxing, this could in fact deter a lot of prospective female customers.

Duration: 100 minutes.

Price: £6.00 (Amazon)

As always we welcome any comments from readers and encourage anyone with any interest in fitness workout DVDs to get in touch. Also, anyone who believes there is a great fitness workout DVD on the market which has not been included in this article then please leave a comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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