Homemade Protein Shakes That Are Easy To Make

Homemade Protein shakes

Here’s some great homemade protein shakes to help you gain muscle mass and target body fat!

Homemade Protein shakesListed in the ingredients below are some typical things that you may find in your fridge freezer or cupboard. What you may not know about these kitchen staples is that they can actually be combined in various ways to make delicious homemade protein shakes.

These shakes are ideal first thing in the morning, right before bed, straight after a gym workout and even though the day if you don’t have the time available to sit down for a meal.

What’s more is that all you don’t even have to go to the expense of purchasing whey protein supplements as the protein content is adequate enough from these natural foods listed below.

If you’re strength or power based athlete then it is probably a good idea to supplement your homemade shakes with some extra whey protein otherwise it’s totally optional.

Here are some natural protein shakes that will see you through the day;

Post-Workout Shake/Morning Shake:

  •           1 scp whey protein powder
  •           2 cups of milk
  •           3 egg whites/*3 whole eggs
  •           1/4 cup quick oats
  •           1 banana
  •           1 tsp cinnamon
  •           1 tblsp natural peanut butter
  •           1 cup cottage cheese
  •           2 tblsp of honey

Pre-workout Shake:

  •           1 banana
  •           1 cup milk
  •           1 tsp instant coffee
  •           2 egg whites/*2 eggs
  •           1 tsp of honey

Post-Workout Banana Weight Gainer Shake:

  •     1 1/2 cup low fat or skim milk
  •     1/2 cup low fat plain or banana yogurt
  •     1 cup rolled oats
  •     2 frozen bananas
  •     3 tblsp peanut butter
  •     1 tblsp flax or EFA oil

Low carb Diet Shake:

  •          1 tblsp peanut butter
  •          1 scp whey protein powder
  •          1/2 cup cottage cheese
  •          1 egg
  •          1 cup of milk
  •          2 packets of artificial sweetener
  •          5 strawberries

Before Bed Shake:

  •     1 scp whey protein powder
  •     1 cup of milk
  •     7 halves of walnuts
  •     1/2 cup cottage cheese

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