12 Week Diet & Exercise Plan – Pear Body Shape

pear body shape When carrying out body shape analysis, the pear-body shape depicts a female body shape that generally holds excess body fat around the lower region of their body such as the hips, waist and buttocks.

Below you will find a free 12 week diet plan. It’s designed to stabilize weight gain and loss into a healthy routine that’s easy to follow.

I have also created an monthly exercise plan just for pear body shapes that’s effective and fun.

This page is designed for pear shapes only. (see other shapes here) – There are four different female body shapes if you are unsure which one you are you need to use a body shape calculator


Food and Diet

This diet is about improving the type of food you eat and how frequently you consume food. A lot of people eat three meals a day then snack in between, we are going to eradicate snacking by increasing food consumption to six meals a day. This may seem like a crazy idea but what we are really doing is increasing the body’s metabolism and controlling hunger pangs.
Snacking may seem harmless but when we do snack we tend to consume bad food items that contain a lot of sugar or salt, this is also a problem with regards to beverages for example a regular can of coke has seven teaspoons of sugar!

We also need to think about the word “diet” differently, you may associate the word “diet” with weight loss, I would like to point out that when I use the word “diet” I am referring to food and drink. The aim of this plan is to stabilize your body weight into it’s natural form, so if you are over weight or under weight we are aiming for the same results (a body that is in shape).

The 12 Week Diet Plan

Here is the 12 week diet plan designed just for pear body shapes.
Let me quickly explain how this works.
I have outlined one full day of what should be consumed
As I said above you will be eating six meals a day
To ensure you don’t become tired of the same food there is a food replacement list, all you need to do is replace food items in the diet from the replacement list daily or weekly.
I want you to follow this diet for 12 weeks.

Before you start the 12 week diet plan there are two important things I would recommend doing first:

1. Organized Planning – The importance of being organised is a top priority. If you’re not organized with a plan of action then nothing will change and having a bad day will quickly lead you slipping back into your old routine faster than you can say CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM.

2. Detox – It’s time to hit the ground running and start as we mean to go on. Below are three products that provide one or three full day’s of detox. We are going to eliminate food and replace it with liquid (just for 1 day). You can buy these items at the store or online at Amazon.
Detox Tea – Cleanses the body and prevents night hunger (buy it at amazon here)
Detox Coffee – A coffee designed for detox – (buy it at amazon here)
Raw Juice Cleanse – 3 day period food replacement (buy it at amazon here) choose this option if you don’t enjoy tea/coffee or you want to do a longer detox.

Diet Plan – Click Here

View our macronutrient cheat sheet

My own process of keeping organized is to do the following:

Set out two weeks of the diet plan and shop for two weeks in advance.
Ensure to keep a monthly body measurement record (waist, legs etc) and record your weight weekly.
I take a photo of myself every month, this helps you to notice changes visually and comparing them over time is rewarding.
Try to keep a week ahead of yourself when it comes to planning.
If you have a family it’s important they are incorporated into the diet, you can make alterations to their food but trying to please everyone will become extremely time consuming and expensive. This may take some additional planning and I would suggestion a family meeting so everyone is on board from the start.

This diet plan is effective especially if you can combine it with the exercise plan below.

Once you complete the first 4 week of the diet and exercise plan you will either:

  1. Return to your bad habits and slip back into your old ways.
  2. Continue with the diet and exercise but struggle to notice much difference.

Both options don’t seem like any of this is worth your time and effort! the truth about most diets is you tend to loose about 5 to 10 lbs in the first two weeks because it’s extreme and your full of enthusiasm. Then the diet becomes dull and boring because your eating the same food, soup or shakes. The daily workouts are the same and the entire process is making you unhappy.
This diet is built around you and the workout plan is flexible so the normal issues don’t apply giving you a better chance of success.

Let check out the exercise plan!

The 4 Week Exercise Plan

The pear shaped exercise plan is a good mixture of activity’s that are in my opinion quite fun. If you don’t enjoy an activity that’s perfectly fine simply research an other activity and do that instead. Do ensure your weekly time spent exercising doesn’t fall below the plan.

As you can see the plan isn’t hardcore workouts the focus is on starting a range of regular activity’s that you enjoy. A lot of people join the gym and try to put themselves through hell thinking it’s the only way to stay fit! The way to stay fit is to exercise regularly doing activity’s you enjoy doing.

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You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. Below is a list of things to consider buying to start the exercise plan.
Ryka Shoes – Good quality & low in price – ideal for all activity’s including walking, running and tennis.
Enimay 2 Piece Outfit – In a range of colors designed for the gym, Pilates and yoga exercise.
Bicycle – Buy a secondhand bike on craigslist, so much choice and 1/4 of the cost new.
Yoga starter kit – you could just buy a mat but the entire kit is only $34.99
Jantzen swimsuit – The cost of swimsuits are always high try to get one on sale like this.

Toning & Transformation Workouts

After completing the 12 week diet and exercise plan we can then start “designing” your body. We all have different ideas of what we think is attractive you might want a big booty or want to look good in evening dresses, now that we have our diet and fitness under control we can start a transformation process with focused workouts and exercises.

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