28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan – Pear Body Shape

pear body shape When carrying out body shape analysis, the pear-body shape depicts a female body shape that generally holds excess body fat around the lower region of their body such as the hips, waist and buttocks.

Below you will find a free 28 day diet plan. It’s designed to stabilize weight gain and loss into a healthy routine that’s easy to follow.

I have also created an exercise plan just for pear body shapes that’s effective and fun.

This page is designed for pear shapes only.
(see other shapes here)


Food and Diet

The ideal pear shape diet proportion would be:

2/5 carbs
2/5 proteins
1/5 healthy fats

Make an effort to keep to these proportions on a regular basis, it’s ok to spoil yourself with sugar treats and fast food now and again especially if you are also working out on a regular basis.
Being a master chef is not essential! when it comes to cooking just keep it simple by looking for recipes on-line that you can

  • Find the ingredients easily at your local store or online
  • Keeping with in your cooking ability

There are millions of healthy recipes on-line, most have easy to follow instructions or video guides – all you have to do is watch and follow.

Carbs –  Low-Moderate G.I foods. That release energy slowly as oppose to rapidly is the key to loosing fat, you can follow the diet routine below however if your current diet is full of sugar, starch and fat it’s probably a better idea to keep your current diet but start replacing items slowly over time e.g. white rice with brown rice, sweets with fruit, chips with salad, white bread with brown bread.

Protein – When following the workout routine below proteins are essential, the best protein is lean or with a low fat percentage, chicken, turkey and pork are popular meat choices but you can also get a good source of protein from eggs and tuna.
When cooking try to keep everything simple to start. Again I will state it’s ok to eat a fast food burger or fish and chips every now and then, you can make it a reward for eating healthy all week if it helps you stick to a good quality diet.
What I tend to do is eat healthy every day I don’t reward myself with any unhealthy treats then if we go out to a restaurant or when we are on vacation I will spoil myself.

The 28 Day Diet Plan

Here is the 4 week diet plan designed just for pear body shapes. You could keep repeating the 4 week plan every month but my suggestion is to modify it with your own healthy recipes that are similar in calories. This is important because one reason why people fail at loosing weight, keeping fit and changing to a healthy lifestyle is because some aspects become boring and repetitive.

Before you start the 4 week diet plan there are two important things I would recommend doing first:

1. Organized Planning – The importance of being organised is a top priority. If you’re not organized with a plan of action then nothing will change and having a bad day will quickly lead to you slipping back into your old routine faster than you can say CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM.

2. Detox – It’s time to hit the ground running and start as we mean to go on. Below are two products that provide 3 full day’s of detox. We are going to eliminate food and replace it with liquid (just for 3 days). You can buy these items at the store or online at Amazon.
Detox Tea – Cleanses the body and prevents night hunger (buy it at amazon here)
Raw Juice Cleanse – 3 day period food replacement (buy it at amazon here)

Diet Plan – Week 1

Diet Plan – Week 2

Diet Plan – Week 3

Diet Plan – Week 4

My own process of keeping organized is to do the following:

Print off two weeks of the diet plan and shop for two weeks in advance.
Go grocery shopping or purchase in bulk online from amazon buying online is now more advanced than you may think!
Ensure to keep a monthly body measurement record (waist, legs etc) and record your weight weekly.
I take a photo of myself every month, this helps you to notice changes visually and comparing them over time is rewarding.
Try to keep a couple of weeks ahead of yourself when it comes to planning.
If you have a family it’s important they are incorporated into the diet, you can make alterations to their food but trying to please everyone will become extremely time consuming and expensive. This may take some additional planning and I would suggestion a family meeting so everyone is on board from the start.

This diet plan is effective especially if you can combine it with the exercise plan below.

Once you complete the 4 week diet and exercise plan you will either:

  1. Return to your bad habits and slip back into your old ways.
  2. Continue with the diet and exercise but struggle to notice much difference.

Both options don’t seem like any of this is worth your time and effort! the truth about most diets is you tend to loose about 5 to 10 lbs in the first two weeks because it’s extreme and your full of enthusiasm. Then the diet becomes dull and boring because your eating the same food, soup or shakes. The workouts are the same and the entire process is making you unhappy.
I presume you have already looked at my diet plan and as you can see it looks a little complex at first but all in all it’s a regular menu that is healthy and meets your calorie requirements.

Let check out the exercise plan!

Exercise Plan

The pear shaped exercise plan is a good mixture of activity’s that are in my opinion quite fun. If you don’t enjoy an activity that’s perfectly fine simply research an other activity and do that instead. Do ensure your weekly time spent exercising doesn’t fall below the plan.

As you can see the plan isn’t hardcore workouts the focus is on starting a range of regular activity’s that you enjoy. A lot of people join the gym and try to put themselves through hell thinking it’s the only way to stay fit! The way to stay fit is to exercise regularly doing activity’s you enjoy doing.

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You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. Below is a list of things to consider buying to start the exercise plan.
Ryka Shoes – Good quality & low in price – ideal for all activity’s including walking, running and tennis.
Enimay 2 Piece Outfit – In a range of colors designed for the gym, Pilates and yoga exercise.
Bicycle – Buy a secondhand bike on craigslist, so much choice and 1/4 of the cost new.
Yoga starter kit – you could just buy a mat but the entire kit is only $34.99
Jantzen swimsuit – The cost of swimsuits are always high try to get one on sale like this.

Fashion Fact: Try to build layers upwards focusing on shoulders to make your body more curvy

Health Concerns For Pear Body Shapes

Fortunately, pear shaped individuals do not encounter the quantity of severe health risks that apple shaped people do. They are mainly related to osteoporosis, cellulite, varicose veins, and eating disorders which usually is as a result of one being unhappy with their body.

Pear shaped women are advised to take calcium regularly due the higher risk of osteoporosis, you should consult your doctor before taking any drugs/pills/tablets or medicine even if a reputable website like ours advises you to do so.

A pear shaped body is no more or less likely to have any health issues than anyone else however it should always be noted leading a healthy lifestyle is advisable to everyone no matter what body shape you have.

Fun Fact: Did you know Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna both have pear shaped body’s

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