Staying Fit & Healthy For Pear Shaped Body Types


In this guide we decided to examine the pear body shape, we wanted to find out what would be the best diet and fitness routine then create that plan to match the pear-body perfectly.

pear body shape When carrying out body shape analysis, the pear-body shape depicts a female body shape that generally holds excess body fat around the lower region of their body such as around the hips, waist and buttocks.

An individual with a pear body shape will usually have a smaller circumference to their upper body than to her lower body, thus giving her a pear shaped appearance.

Whether a pear or an apple shaped body, Identifying your body shape before you do anything is very important and extremely beneficial in the long run of any diet/fitness plan. Further down you will find a link to a body shape calculator to calculate what shape you are.

This awareness of your body shape can bring to your attention aspects of dieting, exercise and lifestyle which can all work together to make your goals much more effective. We have put together a plan for anyone to follow that is not difficult or time consuming but will provide you with a healthy lifestyle to match your pear body type.

Health Concerns For Pear Body Shapes

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Fortunately, pear shaped individuals do not encounter the quantity of severe health risks that apple shaped people do. They are mainly related to osteoporosis, cellulite, varicose veins, and eating disorders which usually is as a result of one being unhappy with their body.

Pear shaped women are advised to take calcium regularly due the higher risk of osteoporosis, you should consult your doctor before taking any drugs/pills/tablets or medicine even if a reputable website like ours advises to do so.

A pear shaped body is no more or less likely to have any health issues than anyone else however it should always be noted leading a healthy lifestyle is advisable to everyone no matter what body shape they have.

Why Do I Need To Know My Body Shape?

You need to figure (no pun intended) out what your body shape is before planning a diet and exercise to meet your needs. Each body shape has different needs and wants when it comes to diet and fitness, if you overlook this you are more likely to gain weight in undesired places and your exercise routine will also be ineffective.

There are four different female body shapes if you are unsure which one you are you need to use a Body shape calculator
Once you know your shape you can now follow one of our body shape guides.

Fun Fact: Did you know Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna both have pear shaped body’s


A 6 year study showed pear shaped body’s usually have a lower metabolism than their apple counterparts, results showed around 87% of pear shaped females burnt calories at a slower pace. Calories, therefore, should be reduced slightly as to avoid surplus calorie intake which can result in an unhealthy body fat percentage. This doesn’t mean a dramatic reduction in calories, only a slight reduction compared to your current diet.

A new study proved drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea a day will increase your metabolism no matter what body shape you have.

Food and Diet

pear shape diet

The ideal pear shape diet proportion would be:

2/5 carbs2/5 proteins1/5 healthy fats

Make an effort to keep to these proportions on a regular basis, it’s ok to spoil yourself with sugar treats and fast food now and again especially if you are also working out on a regular basis.

If you are not master chef it’s not the end of the world, in the kitchen just keep it simple look for recipes on-line that you can

  • Find the ingredients at your local store
  • Is with in your cooking skills

There are millions of healthy recipes on-line some with video instructions all you have to do is watch and follow.

Carbs –  Low-Moderate G.I foods. That release energy slowly as oppose to rapidly is the key to loosing fat, you can follow the diet routine below however if your current diet is full of sugar, starch and fat it’s probably a better idea to keep your current diet but start replacing items slowly over time e.g. white rice with brown rice, sweets with fruit, chips with salad, white bread with brown bread.

Protein – When following the workout routine below proteins are essential, the best protein is lean or with a low fat percentage, chicken, turkey and pork are popular meat choices but you can also get a good sauce of protein from eggs and tuna.
When cooking try to keep everything simple and quite plain to start with instead of high calorie sauces try making a home-made sauce from salads and vegetables one of my favorite saucers is plumb tomatoes, onions and mushrooms this works well with chicken and pork.Fats – When cooking meats or if you require any oil use extra virgin olive oil this  should make up most of the healthy fat in your diet.
Again I will state it’s ok to eat a fast food burger or sirloin steak with a rich creamy sauce every now and then, you can make it a reward for eating healthy all week if it helps you stick to a good quality diet.
What I tend to do is eat healthy every day I don’t reward myself with any unhealthy treats then if we go out to a restaurant or when we are on holiday I will spoil myself.Fat can help maintain healthy hair and skin, protects vital organs, keeps your body insulated, and provides a sense of fullness after meals. This of course can help make meal number restrictions when dieting more tolerable.No matter what body shape you are it is worth taking a look at this page regarding your diet

Diet Plan Example

The above diet plan is to give you a example of the amount and quality of food you should be consuming each day, Next week I will be posting a article listing more detailed recipe ideas to make the plan changeable on a daily basis.
I would also highly recommend drinking a pint of water with every meal and have access to 500ml at all times especially during the summer months and training times.

TIP: follow the links above to find more food options you can incorporate into your diet

What we are trying to achieve with this diet is to reduce your fat intake to develop your natural pear body shape.
Once you have slimmed down and you figure is more natural and defined the exercise routine will tone your muscles with the end result of your body looking at it’s best.

If you feel you are not over weight you should still incorporate more healthy options into your diet and start the workout routine below, your time frame will be shorter, however I must stress an important factor that should be considered even if you don’t try this diet and workout plan it apply’s to every plan ever invented.

A lot of people fail when trying to loose weight and get fit the main reason for this is because they are expecting something to magically happen one day and it’s not just getting in to shape or loosing weight it also apply’s to a lot of things in life here are a few examples:
Giving up smoking, career progression, increase business sales and a host of others, I will use giving up smoking as a example.

When people try to give up smoking the first few days normally go fine then the hard part hits and the little nicotine monster keeps giving you reasons/excuses why you should have a smoke, your motivation is misplaced at this point in time because you are waiting for the magic day when you don’t feel like a smoke any more, the truth is this day never comes you just have to keep going in the right direction you have already stopped smoking so stop thinking about it.

The above is also true with health and fitness there is no magic day when you wake up and feel healthier, look slimmer and can bench press like a pro it all takes time little by little every day just keep going in the right direction.

Exercise Plan Example

Tennis Fitness

30 mins to an hour of low to moderate intensity exercise to lose belly fat 3-5 times per week. Pear shaped women are known to be susceptible to osteoporosis so a low impact exercise like cross training and swimming should be chosen as opposed to high impact cardio such as running or skipping.

We have designed a two week workout guide that is ideal for the pear shaped body types, If you currently do not exercise you should build up to this routine slowly at your own pace you do not want to over do it and pick up an injury.

Week 1  Exercise  Time Frame 
Monday  Tennis 1 Hour
Tuesday  Walking 1 Hour
Wednesday  Rest Rest
Thursday  Pilates 45 minutes
Friday  Swimming 45 minutes
Saturday  Rest Rest
Sunday  Walking / Cycling 30 minutes + 30 minutes
Week 2  Exercise  Time Frame 
Monday  Tai Chi 1 Hour
Tuesday  Rest Rest
Wednesday  Dancing! Ballroom to country, disco to samba the list is endless 1 Hour
Thursday  Yoga 45 minutes
Friday  Rest Rest
Saturday  Swimming 45 minutes
Sunday  Walking 1 hour

This is a two week plan designed to keep you fit and exercising on a regular basis, you should mix up the routines to stop the routine becoming boring, you should also add in your own personal activity likes.

Fashion Fact: Try to build layers upwards focusing on shoulders to make your body more curvy

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