Endomorph Definition Workout and Diet Plan For This Body Type

endomorph body type

The information in this article should provide detailed  support for any male with an endomorph body type. The article will cover topics such as health concerns, dieting and exercise in an attempt to provide as much information as possible.

endomorph body typeThe endomorph body shape is one of the three male figures to be discussed throughout the body shape section of this website. The endomorph body shape is the largest of the three male figures and refers to those with a big bone structure and in most cases excess weight. Many endomorphs are classed as ‘rounded’ figures with short arms and legs.

The upper arm and thigh areas of an endomorph usually hold excess fat with the arms and legs tapering at the wrists and ankles. If you want to find out more about this particular male body shape then please read on further. If you believe you are an endomorph and want access to information relating to health, dieting and exercise then the three sections below should be very informative.

Health Concerns

health concerns

Due to the excess fat on the body of endomorphs, they are extremely prone to general obesity, health risks such as respiratory problems, skin issues and infertility. These however are the less life threatening health concerns and you shouldn’t be overly concerned.

As with anyone that carry’s a little more weight than they should be, endomorphs are at risk of developing type two diabetes. Endomorphs are also at risk from hormone related illnesses such as bowel cancer and gall bladder disease, these diseases should be taken very seriously however prevention is a matter of opinion advice and expert opinions change but a few things never change including eating the correct food and exercise.

Out of all the male and female body shapes we have covered over the past 4 months the diet plan and exercise routine is vitally important for endomorphs, it will without a doubt increase your life span and improve your quality of life dramatically compared to someone leading a unhealthy lifestyle.

Why Do I Need To Know My Body Shape

Finding out what your body shape is will enable you to change your diet and workout routine designed for your shape, it’s important to understand we are all wanting something different, some of us want bigger muscles and upper body strength and some people just want to loose weight other people are wanting to run long distance and a selection of people just want a healthier lifestyle.

This diet plan and routine is the perfect starting point designed for the ectomorph body shape if you are wanting to then move on to other things like body building or marathon training you will need to change your diet and exercise routine to match that task.

Diet and Food

healthy diet food

One of the most important things an endomorph can do in terms of dieting is lower their calorie intake. This doesn’t mean resorting to starvation, it means eliminating unnecessary high calorie foods such as sweets and junk food.

Ideally endomorphs should be looking to intake more protein than carbohydrates. This means they should be targeting protein-rich foods such as chicken, turkey, fish and eggs.
Endomorphs are known to be ‘insulin sensitive’, meaning their bodies are prone to storing fat and struggle to break it down to use as an energy source. By lowering carbohydrate intake and selecting carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (less insulin) endomorphs can reduce fat storage and the struggle to break it down.

It is also important to look at meal portions and their sizes. For best results endomorphs should look to consume six small meals a day rather than three large ones. Eating more frequently will help increase your rate of metabolism and therefore have a positive effect on calorie burning. Breakfast, lunch and tea should still be the three main meals of the day but snacks should also be consumed between meal times. Fruit, nuts and yoghurt are ideal for snacks.

Diet Plan Example

[wpsharely id=”2914″]

Time of Day  Food Options Helpful Links
8am Breakfast 2 x boiled eggs with 2 slices of wholemeal toast Ideal healthy food list
10am Breakfast 2 Weetabix – shredded wheat or porridge with low fat milk
1 piece of fruit
12Noon Lunch 1/2 wholemeal sandwich with pure fruit smoothie
2pm Lunch 2 1/2 wholemeal sandwich with a tossed salad
2 pieces of fruit
4pm Dinner Lean meat dinner with 3 portions of vegetables
Protein shake
Make your own protein shakes
8pm Snack Yoghurt
1 piece of fruit
100 grams of nuts


For your diet plan it’s important you eat little and often as you can see in the example diet plan above your meals are split into two sections, you can also add small snacks like protein bars, nuts and other fat free foods in-between meals.
This approach to your diet reprograms your mind into thinking your are eating more frequently making you satisfied, however this plan also gives your body the correct amount of food so you are not over eating.

The above diet plan is just an example of one days intake and frequency guide, you need to create a full months plan based on your own personal likes, use the above diet plan as a guide by changing items and alternate main meals with other healthy options and recipes, you can find out more information by following the links provided or simply do a search on-line for replacements.

Exercise and Fitness


Both formats of exercise, cardiovascular and weight resistance are well suited to endomorphs. In terms of cardiovascular exercise it is important to be consistent. Simple activities such as walking, cycling and jogging are ideal for this body type but only beneficial if carried out over a long period of time. For best results it is advised that the amount of time spent on exercising this way increases with time, this will help improve fitness levels.

In terms of weight resistance training the overall aim is to improve the fat to muscle ratio. Over the course of time exercising in this manner will obviously reduce body fat, improve metabolism and severely reduce the risk of health concerns discussed previously in this article.

Week 1 Exercise Time Frame
Monday Cycling 1 hour
Tuesday Swimming 1 hour
Wednesday Rest Rest
Thursday Weight training 45 minutes
Friday Crossfit workout 30 minutes
Saturday Rest Rest
Sunday Running 1 hour
Week 2 Exercise Time Frame
Monday Football training 1.5 hours
Tuesday Rest Rest
Wednesday Weight training 45 minutes
Thursday Push ups and rowing machine 45 minutes
Friday Rest Rest
Saturday Cycling 1.5 hours
Sunday Swimming 1 hour

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