A Guide Showing How To Get In Shape

how to get in shape

No matter how hard you try, how many magazine articles you read and how many television programmes you watch there is no quick fix for getting into shape.

how to get in shape fast

Some strategies are obviously less time consuming than others but even still there is no magic solution and it will not happen overnight. Regardless of your plan of action, developing your body into your desired shape requires one physical ingredient, hard work and two psychological ingredients, motivation and determination.

Some would argue that there are obvious cosmetic solutions such as a gastric bypass or liposuction as well as other medical related resolutions such as anabolic steroids.

However, those looking forward to the challenge of transforming their body naturally should look at their diet, current exercise regime and their psychology towards body shape transformation.

The latter is arguably the most important of the three. In this article we focus on DIET in my opinion your diet is the most important factor to consider I always think of it as the car engine and if you don’t put oil or the correct gas and service it regularly then it won’t work the way it should and at some point just STOP.

How To Get In Shape Fast Rule 1 Your Diet

diet for healthy living

In terms of getting into shape in super fast time you can’t go wrong with looking into your diet. There are individual diet guidelines for all three male body types and all four female body types. Once you know your body type and have selected the figure you wish to develop then you can then start to look at a specific diet for your body.

Following the correct diet can be the catalyst for losing and gaining weight fast, depending on your needs. For example those wishing to add muscle mass should follow a protein based diet and those looking to lose body fat should follow a protein and carbohydrate based diet, reducing the amount of fat they consume and lowering their calorie intake. The correct diet can speed up an otherwise monotonous process.

Diet plans for various body types do not only provide suggestions for food and drink intake but they also give advice on portion size, portion quantity and selecting the right time to eat, all of this information is valuable for transforming your body shape fast.

Locating and following the correct diet for your body type is just the first step towards developing your body shape, however it speeds up the process. Dieting alone can improve results dramatically and although for some it may be boring and quite demanding it is extremely beneficial if you want to get into shape fast.

nutrition and food

A combination of the correct diet and the correct exercise is how to get in shape with fast results. Exercising alone or dieting alone is advantageous but it takes more time, especially if you are unsure of the correct diet plan or exercise regime for your body shape. Combining the two will speed up the process.

People with different body shapes are required to exercise differently, similar to the way they eat. Their exercise routine should look to maximise the nutritional value of the fuel the body is given from their diet. Diet and exercise link very strongly, for example a high protein diet is designed for ectomorphs to add muscle mass, for the same reason an ectomorph’s exercise plan is based around weight resistance training

Tying the two together and following their guidelines to the word can really speed up shape transition. This combination can more than double results, if you imagine the results of dieting alone, the results of exercising alone plus the benefits of putting the two together, the gains can be huge and fast.

Although the benefits of exercise in relation to body shape can be very large it is important to stick to the guidelines. Doing double the amount of exercise but eating what you like will not work, your body won’t have the fuel it needs to perform. Identify your body shape, follow the guidelines for your individual diet and then combine this with the suggested exercise regime.

food and diet

Finally, your psychology towards exercise, diet and shape transition can be the difference between developing your body shape fast and not developing it at all. The main challenge for most people is changing their attitude and overcoming the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ hurdle.

Once over this hurdle the real psychological aspects of getting into shape fast need to be challenged. At this point a complete lifestyle change is almost what is required with willpower and determination major factors in getting the body shape you dream of.

It is a matter of having the determination to stick to your diet and exercise plan as well as the willpower to eliminate old lifestyle choices. Initially this may seem like an easy task, however with time your willpower and determination will be put to the test.

Adopting a strong mindset will have very positive consequences on your diet and exercise performance. Because you are likely to be dieting and exercising differently to previously you attitudes will automatically switch towards your old routine, especially if you are not enjoying your current diet and exercise plan.

food for dietIt is here where those with a determined attitude and bucket loads of willpower will get the best results and fast. They will be the ones who manage to drive straight past a fast food outlet and go home and have a salad. They’ll go to the pub with their friends and drink fruit juice and they’ll turn down a night out so they can fit in their third run of the week.

This kind of mindset is specifically for those who want to succeed with their body shape transformation. Following a set diet is fine, as is enrolling on a new exercise programme, but if you are not determined enough to see it out or you are too easily sidetracked by forbidden fruits then there is no point even starting.

As American businessman Sam Walton once said: ‘‘Don’t get stuck in your ways that you can’t change’’. Basically, if you haven’t got the determination and motivation to get out of your ways then try not to get stuck in them in the first place.

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