Mobility Exercises Before You Workout

A lot of people overlook the need to warm up your body, muscles and mind before you jump right in to your workout. I can appreciate that some days all you want to do is get the workout completed as you have a huge list of things that also need to be done, grocery shopping, work, take kids to school…this list is never ending, It’s tiring just thinking about our schedules never mind doing it!

Mobility Exercises Before You Workout

Even thought I live a crazy busy lifestyle (just like you) I still complete a warm up before I workout out, trust me if you think your schedule is hard now try doing it with an injury (not fun). This is why I always stress the importance of warming up and mobility exercises. To do a basic warm up takes around five minutes and you can get away with a basic warm up every other day but my recommendation is to spend ten minutes warming up, the bonus is your ability to perform will be taken to a new level and the possibility of an injury is heavily reduced.

Below are my personal favorite mobility exercises. If there is a exercise you are currently focused on improving the simply search or for that exercise + mobility exercise example – squat mobility exercise.

Squat to Stand or sumo squat to stand

It looks rather simple and ineffective but once you hit eight reps you start to feel the full effect

Cross Body Knee Hug

I personally like to stand still and just complete the knee movement but you can do the walking aspect if you fell it is beneficial to you.

Cat Camel Mobility Exercises

It isn’t the most attractive pose but flexing your spine in a slow motion is a fantastic way to warm up this important body part.

Knee-Hug w/ Diagonal Lunge & Reachback

Combining movements is a good way to limber up. Keep the movements slow and steady balance is key to perfecting this combination.

Mini Band Side Step

If you don’t have a band you can still complete this movement it just won’t be as effective. Do this exercise back and forth then squat lower to increase difficulty.

Okay we are half way through this mobility warm up, at this stage you should feel warm. You should be about five minutes into it now we want to do a short burst of high knees just to raise the heart rate….high knees for 30 seconds GO

Round two

Alternating Sumo Squats

Squatting is the most effective exercise you can do, if you are also doing weighted squats from a rack this warm up is perfect.


Probably the most tricky to get correct but give it time and you can master this movement. Top tip – it is all about control forget about the speed of movement just nice and slow.


Time to become a superhero, the real spiderman climbs up buildings with this move so completing it on the floor should be easy!

Heel to Pelvis

Another exercise that can be modified, I like to stand still during this mobility exercise but the choice is yours. Either way take your time it is very easy to twist your ankle doing the exercise.


Another exercise that makes you look a little silly however it is worth the wired looks especially if you like to lift.

This is the end of my suggested mobility warm up exercises. All ten exercises should take around ten minutes to complete, the benefits are worth the additional time spent in the gym give them a go for seven days and you will notice a big difference in your entire workout.

Author: Kelly worthington

Love to write about a range of health and crossfit subjects