Wellness Habits That Make A Difference

As much as we would all love for the magic wellness fairy to come and wave her magic wand we all know that wellness habits don’t happen like that. Forming habits are just as hard as learning how to break old bad habits. It becomes increasingly harder when you are working on not just you but your whole families wellness and health habits. Below is a list of different good habits that will help you promote wellness for you and your family.

  • Move around: make every opportunity an opportunity to move around. You do not have to go to the gym or use exercise equipment to move around, however it is highly recommended that you do join the gym. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine on a walk through the park. Go grocery shopping and park further away from the entrance. Make many smaller trips back and forth when bringing the groceries in. Even if you are at work sitting at a desk every once in a while stretch, tap your toes, rotate your shoulders. There is no excuse not to be moving around even if it is only a little bit because every little bit counts. Even if you have to take breaks every once in a while it is always better to move around throughout your day.Moving around is one thing but having a plan to eat a healthy diet and keep fit every day is even more important check out my free diet plans here

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  • Throw all that junk out: this step is a bit hard for some people because this is where we get rid of the junk. All those yummy cookies and cakes need to vacate you household. All junk foods or unhealthy foods are a temptation. Temptations lead to weakness and weakness leads to you having a setback on your journey to wellness. So you need to get into the kitchen and see what junk needs to be vacated.This is things such as cookies, cakes, ice cream, that secret stash of candy you think no one knows about and basically anything that could be termed junk food. This doesn’t mean that every once in a while you can’t treat yourself to a lovely slice of cake it just means that it shouldn’t be found in your house. Pack all of it up and give it to some family that has children or needs something. Donate the extra food to your local food pantry just get it out of your house.

    Now the habit to form is when you go to the grocery store not picking up junk food. This is harder than you think. You have to go up and down the aisles and think to yourself, “Do I really need this?” Most of the time the answer is no and you will then have to force yourself to move on. With time this habit becomes easier and easier to implement.

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  • Kick stress out the door: stress is a large part of why wellness is so difficult to achieve. Stress attributes to so many different illnesses as well as weight gain. The best way to form wellness habits is eliminating stress. There are millions of things that can stress you out and sometimes we can’t just get rid of them. We have to learn how to cope with stress and how to turn it all into positive energy. There are many different exercises such as yoga, tai chi, or going for a good run that will help alleviate stress. There are also different forms of meditation and deep breathing rituals that will also help with dealing with the symptoms of stress.Wellness Habits That Make A Huge Difference
  • Eat right as a family: wellness isn’t just about throwing some junk food out and working out occasionally it is a commitment. Eating right is one of the most important parts of that commitment. Having family meal times is also an important part to wellness. Family meals are the perfect time to sit together as a family and discuss what it means to be healthy and to make healthy choices. It is the prime opportunity to try out a new healthy recipe that you found in your cookbook or start my free diet plan here. This is where habits are going to form and stick and if your children see that you are setting a good example then they will be more inclined to follow your example.Wellness Habits
  • Get some sleep: this is a super important step to wellness because when we sleep our bodies are allowed to recharge and heal itself. One of the biggest problems for wellness aside from stress is that people do not get enough sleep at night. Our bodies need sleep to help our cells heal and well as allows us to recharge. Sleep is also good for stress levels as well as helps lower the risk of many different illnesses and diseases. The average adult should strive to obtain at least six hours of sleep a night.women sleeping


Wellness doesn’t have to be a chore. Forming healthy habits is the first major milestone on the way to wellness.

Author: Kelly worthington

Love to write about a range of health and crossfit subjects