How To Prepare For Exercise

Are you struggling to plan your daily exercise routine? Or just struggling to find a suitable point to start from? For many people, assessing the ‘big four’ before exercising can be the key to their success. Those who halt their exercise routine prematurely or experience very little in terms of results are often those who dismiss the power of these four factors.

How To Prepare For ExerciseThe first of the ‘big four’ is time, how long are you going to spend exercising? This is a logical place to begin, especially if it has been a while since you last exercised. Many will over estimate in this area, thinking that they are going to run a marathon in their first session.

It is better to underestimate, if you think you could possibly exercise for 45 minutes then why not just plan for 30 minutes? This way it is more likely you will meet your session goals on time.

The idea of setting aside 30 minutes was just an example, everyone will have different needs and different time constraints, a decent plan however eliminates the potential for setbacks. Think about how much time you want to spend exercising and stick to it. If doesn’t matter if you will have more time on certain days, just take it day by day and we will come to the whole routine further on in the article.

Now you have decided how much time you can afford to spend exercising it is a matter of choosing the type of exercise you wish to part- take in. There are two basic forms of exercise, cardiovascular exercise and muscle endurance exercise. You need to determine which avenue you wish to go down. Cardiovascular exercise focuses more on the strengthening of your heart as well as any working muscles. Forms of exercise which are prone to making you out of breath are generally cardiovascular exercises.

Running, cycling, swimming, boxing and even walking, are all popular cardiovascular exercises. Yes, these forms of exercise do work your body’s muscles, boxing is particularly tough on the biceps and triceps. This said however, forms of exercise in this categories are designed to improve your heart’s performance, encouraging your body to keep exercising at a consistent intensity for a lengthy period of time.


Muscle endurance exercise as you would expect is designed to target specific muscle groups. By targeting these muscles the exercises aim to improve the strength, size and performance.  Examples of muscle endurance exercises include, bicep curls, lateral rises and chest presses. The majority involve the use of some form of equipment, be this a weight resistance machine, dumbbells or a barbell.

The list of muscle endurance exercises is endless, there are a variety for each muscle group and it is necessary to include a mixture if you do choose muscle endurance exercise over cardiovascular exercise but make sure you have access to all the necessary equipment before you start.

Next you must look at intensity, this is the third of the four factors you should consider before exercising and it is not to be dismissed.

Many of you may be questioning what is intensity? And how do I select it. The intensity of your exercise dictates how hard you are asking your body to work, the principle varies slightly when applying it to the two different types of exercise. In terms of cardiovascular exercise the intensity dictates how fast you aim to run, walk, swim, cycle etc, how many miles, yards or meters you wish to cover and the time you wish to complete the exercise is. By analysing all this information prior to your cardiovascular exercise session you are likely to have selected an intensity level. of the ‘big four’.

Beginners should start at a low intensity, get to grips with your selected exercise before you start to make any performance based progress. Once you have found your feet you can then look to steadily increase the intensity. Those with a little more experience may wish to start at a higher intensity, however it is still not advised to start with anything too vigorous.

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For weight resistance training intensity is slightly different. The weight you select to lift, the number of repetitions you choose and the number of sets you choose dictate the intensity. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a rep is a single repetition of an exercise, for example one bicep curl. A set on the other hand is a collective term for a selection of reps. For example, you could choose to do 12 reps as a set and then four sets, this would be 48 reps in total.

So you know how much you want to spend exercising, you know the type of exercise you want to part- take in and you now know at what intensity you wish to work out, your final step is to decide how often you wish to exercise. Is this to be a one of event? Or possibly a weekly occurrence?

Either way it is vital you know if this is to be your only exercise session of the week or one of many. Some may argue that you may not know this information until you have completed the first session. If this is the case then make sure you decide this sooner or later, frequency can have a massive impact on exercise intensity and type of exercise.

Remember, consider the big four before you throw yourself head first into the world of regular exercise.

Why Crossfit Is More Effective Than Gym Exercises

It is said time is money and so we have to make good use of time to accomplish our goals in life. Hence in our busy schedules we are likely to be attracted to systems that are instant and yet effective and that also includes fitness programs. For many who are lucky to have discovered it, crossfit is a fitness program that has in its design good time management with an effective outcome.

Build A Muscular Physique

But before I continue with my rate praise about it, let me first define it and maybe you get an idea of what I am going about. Crossfit is a fitness program that entails vigorous training exercises that combine aerobic and anaerobic workouts. It has the aspects of pushing your body to do these workouts to your maximum capacity in a bid to be “functionally fit”. That means you acquire a fitness level that will enable you to handle any natural challenge in life that requires fitness abilities. That is why most cops and athletes leverage on it to enable them to deal with their Profession’s tasks.

Crossfit fitness is in simple terms referred to as a fitness sport. This makes it open even to other members of the public who are not necessarily elite sports people or military personnel but are committed to participate. By enlisting into the crossfit fitness program one gets the chance to benefit greatly from its intense nature and effective results within a short time. It can be the best alternative for those who run a busy schedule and cannot keep up with the long hours of gym exercises to achieve body fitness.

Instead of taking a whole 1 hour on a trend mill, the crossfit program will engage one in 15 minute routine workouts of intense jogging; squats and burpees that will burn your calories in a good effective manner. But intensity has to combine with effort which is not popular across the board. However, crossfit fitness is only achievable through short intense workouts and those who participate have to put in effort to achieve the desired goal.
This may be a challenge to many but unlike the gym system where everyone does their workouts on their own, the crossfit program is implemented in groups which help to encourage those who may be struggling in their efforts. Above all, its design of short yet effective work outs is ideal and attractive to many who many not mind redundant rounds of different workouts as long as they burn more calories.

Is Crossfit More Effective Than Gym Exercises

To some the idea of achieving fitness is losing unnecessary calories in your body. The crossfit fitness crew however has a different approach to defining fitness. To crossfit, fitness is defined by three guiding principles/models. The first fitness model uses ten physical skills as a guide. These include: an individual’s stamina, strength, power, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy, respiratory and cardiovascular endurance.

According to this model, improvement in all of the ten physical skills through training is largely one aspect of gaining fitness. The second model entails the view of fitness as an individual’s ability to perform better at any task possible in relation to other people. And the third and final model has the view of fitness as the competency in the three power pathways of human action.

The phosphate which is the first pathway entails high charged activities that last a short time, the second pathway, the glycolytic entails moderate activities and the third pathway, the oxidative entails low charged activities. According to crossfit an individual’s ability to perform well in all of the above models at a balanced level, is the true definition of fitness.

The crossfit fitness program definition of fitness may not be a scientific definition but it is with certainty a legitimate program that has been backed up through testimony. Testimony from top athletes, cops and others whose occupations depend on fitness has proven its legitimacy. Moreover, the crossfit fitness program has also earned its legitimacy and effectiveness from its regimen that supports health. Its policy of skins, wiliness, and fitness is strictly followed and with the aid of good diet has had a curative effect on diseases including depression which mitigates with proper diet and exercise.

Benefits of a Crossfit Workout

In simple terms, crossfit refers to a unique training method that involves broad but all inclusive fitness programs. The principles behind this program are games, mission and life. The method aims to utilize high intensity, varied and functional movement patterns to improve functional movement patterns with an objective of advancing efficiency of daily living activities.


In other words, it aims at give you crossfit fitness by preparing you for both the known physical eventualities as well as the unknown. One achieves this by using crossfit equipment. You can consider crossfit fitness program as a type of endurance training when planning your exercise program.
The method entails strength endurance training coupled with some elements of endurance aerobics. The main target of crossfit exercise is to prepare one for the movement challenges he will encounter in day to day life. However, some people do take part in it with aesthetic reasons such as to lose weight and to shape up.

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Crossfit fitness programs come with numerous benefits. For one, the training develops you into a hard-working person since it advocates for hard work through completions and raised expectation. Secondly, crossfit fitness program incorporates weight lifting and Olympic weight exercises while placing more emphasis on strength endurance exercises. This is beneficial as it enables one to acquire strength.

What is even more interesting is that although you will not gain the strength at the normal rates of most typical strength programs, the results are long lasting and sustainable. They will normally start to show within 4-6 weeks. Another key benefit of engaging in crossfit fitness programs is that they help you to build muscles.
This is particularly so as the method makes use of resistance training and equipment at some points. If you are one of those individuals who have not been exercising but have a good genetic disposition to build muscles, you stand to gain a lot from this program. However, it works perfectly for all.

If you have been following the debate on crossfit training, you must have heard numerous people hail it as one of the most effective ways to lose fat. This is particular so since a good part of crossfit fitness training involves energy system training which is among some of the most effective ways to shred off excess weight.

The system is more consistent than traditional weight lose program since it incorporates modified version of almost all traditional strength training. Another great benefit of crossfit fitness training is that participants work in groups which help to instil a sense of accountability.
You do not want to fail members of your group and therefore there will be low tendency to skip training. Consequently, there is increased compliance which results to long-term fitness. Another reason why you should join crossfit fitness programs is that they are not boring and they keep you wanting to exercise more and more on a daily basis.

Each routine is made up of a combination of exercise and as you progress on to new routines, the exercise changes as well. The program is well designed. It Involves taking two to three days of intense exercise and then taking a day off to rest followed by another 2-3 days of intense training. Doing it this way gives you sustainable fitness by allowing your body to repair the tears and wears it may have sustained during the intense training exercise.

Finally, crossfit fitness programs were designed with the right intention in mind. The purpose was to enable individual who take part in these exercises to gain stability, strength and endurance. They wanted a person who took these exercise to gain overall crossfit fitness. The training incorporates a variety of exercises including but not limited to gymnastics, weight training, and callisthenics for beginners.

There are more advanced and interesting exercises for intermediate and advanced trainees. Crossfit programs focuses on your entire body with an intention to leave it healthier and in good shape. While you take crossfit fitness training, you will in effect be following the same training principle that is followed by military personnel in their exercise routines; it is advisable to get the assistance of a qualified fitness trainer before you can embark on home crossfit training programs. This is because this program involves some particular routines and specialized exercises that you may need to be trained on before you can clearly follow them on your own. Remember, military like staff are effective but quit complex as well. You need to be guided before you can do it on your own.

Crossfit fitness workout – The best way to get in shape

Nothing is more desirable than having a well toned body and becoming a fit person for people despite of their age, gender and body type. It is a known fact that over 1.7 billion people all over the world are overweight. This is a very serious matter of concern for these people and people around them.

Crossfit fitness workout

There are many ways by which an overweight person can get a healthy and fit body but it requires a considerable amount of hard work and money. These ways include dieting, exercising in gym, herbal medicines, Yoga and many more but people who tends to follow these ways often find it very difficult to continue. Crossfit fitness exercise is considered as the most effective way of keeping oneself in good shape and leading a healthy life.

It is comprised of various functional movements like lifting, pushing, running and pulling carried out at high concentration. Crossfit workouts are completely scalable that means a person having no experience and a veteran can do the same exercise with few changes in intensity and load.

This high octane exercise is designed to stimulate very tissue of a human body. Many people consider the Crossfit fitness as the crucial process of leading a healthy and fit life. Its significance can be known by the fact that it is utilized by people in police, army, athletes, and firefighters and in other such professions. However, it is equally effective with an average person.

This exceptional workout routine is a well thought-out blend of powerful disciplines like weightlifting, gymnastics, athletes, power lifting and other free hand workouts. These activities are completed in a very short, everyday workout routine. It only lasts for just half an hour but the force is extremely intense. The actions involve in Crossfit fitness exercise is so varied that a person won’t repeat the same exercise for months.

The procedure is however completely different when you are exercising at a regular gym. In a gym, set of workouts are followed that focuses on different parts of the body unlike Crossfit workout that focuses on the whole body. It is also possible to do the Crossfit exercise outside the gym. It is a very affordable way of getting into a fit shape as it does not demand any costly machines. It is also very convenient as you employ unconventional but easily accessible crossfit equipments such as sandbag, barbell, weight plates and pull up bar.

Check out our crossfit shorts guide and more of our sports clothing guides coming shortly. The only requirement it demands is some guidance. You can take the assistance of an expert on how to perform these workouts. Experts suggest that joint mobility is the initial step of strengthening the hips, shoulders and ankles. There are many Crossfit gyms available but not everyone has the comfort of having one in their area. So the best alternative would be to do it yourself either at your regular gym or at home. Doing the Crossfit exercise at your gym could be a little tricky as the management may not allow you to do it due to some legal reasons and it is also not likely that there will be any qualified Crossfit expert there to help you out with the workouts.

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However at home, your workout may be limited due the amount of equipment you have, but you can do some great exercises easily by having an old barbell, weight plates and a pull up bar. They can be picked up at an affordable price if you shop online. Always remember that Crossfit fitness exercise is a high octane program so you need to make sure that you are doing it safe. Crossfit could be very dangerous if you don’t know how to do it, so you better employ a personal Crossfit trainer or you can simply join online Crossfit coaching.

One of the best features Crossfit offers is the workout of the day also known as WOO. It is a daily routine of workout highlights on balance, speed and agility. It also makes the day’s exercise more appealing that the previous one. Like your regular gym workouts, Crossfit fitness exercises also demands concentrations and hard work and there is no place for boredom and lazy people. It is a training program for the body to bear any condition so make sure not to slack off while exercising.