10 Ways To Control Overeating

Overeating, binge eating and snacking are a huge problem. These three issues make up the main reasons why you will fail with your diet, so how do you control the problem?
There really is no one solution that fits all because we are all very different people, you could be effected by a stressful event that urges you to hit the fast food drive though or an overload of work limits your time one week knocking you out of a regular routine.  My though process is “if you have a plan, you have a chance” so lets put together some actionable steps that prepare us for a future bad day or two!

Here are my 10 ways to control overeating.

10 Ways To Control Overeating

Start Your Day Right

If you follow my diet plan as most of you do then you will know that breakfast is a very important time of the day. Never skip breakfast even if you don’t feel like eating! if you are finding yourself short on time every morning then you need to go to bed a little earlier so you can wake up a little earlier. I know it is tempting to watch another episode of your favorite tv show but this extra time in the morning makes a huge difference.

The perfect start to the day is fruit, eggs, oatmeal and vegetables this combination gives your body everything it needs for a solid start.

Eat Slower

Eating slowly is one of the most effective ways to control overeating. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for your brain to pick up satiety signals. Not only you will enjoy what you are eating, but you will also give your body the time it needs to send the message to your brain when you are full. Synchronizing your body and brain has been proven to make you 20% more productive, your brain understands your body is full letting you focus on other more important tasks.

In my diet plan I split breakfast into two sessions, I understand a lot of people don’t have time for two breakfasts but following this process is beneficial.
My suggestion is, as soon as you wake up eat a piece of fruit and the oatmeal, then get ready for work/kids to school or whatever you do and once your morning tasks are complete eat the eggs and vegetables.

If you find you still don’t have time then it is time to go to bed and wake up earlier!

Eat/Drink Soup!

Soup isn’t included in my diet plan however you could easily make a few alterations to fit it in during the colder months. Liquid foods digest slower so oatmeal, soup or even a curry (low cal please) are a fantastic way to prevent hunger.

A lot of people struggle with hunger pangs in the evening, this is the prime time for overeating so liquid food for your dinner can be a solution.
I suggest meat or fish plus salad for dinner, however as an alternative you could put the meat or fish into a crock pot along with vegetables and a low fat stock to create a soup/stew that will take longer to digest.

healthy soup

Use Smaller Plates

Smaller plates will amount to less real estate for your food to sit on. Arrange your food on a smaller plate and establish limits for each serving through portion control. You should also pay attention to how you present your meal. If you arrange your meal, you will enjoy it more and eat less.

A lot of us tend to over fill our plates when we go out to a restaurant, avoid this at all costs remember your portion size at home and try to keep it the same. If the meal comes already plated and it looks on the large size try to eat a regular portion and ask for a take out box.

Sometimes it comes down to self-control think about the amount of time you have spent at the gym or that dress you still can’t fit into, learning to control your eating sounds painful but remember your still going to eat just a controlled amount.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals help you eat healthy, balanced meals on a regular basis. When you have not planned, then you are more likely to find yourself in the middle of million things with a hunger-on so strong that even the most health conscious individual will choose convenience or give in to cravings. Planning helps you decide the number of calories, variety of food choices and of course, the new recipes, thus creating a healthy meal.

Planning meals can be frustrating to get started but once in place it saves you a lot of time. I use a service called plantoeat you can quickly enter my diet plan or your own recipes into a weekly online planner that automatically creates shopping lists!  for me it is a huge time saver watch the demo video to learn more.

Go to the plantoeat website to get started.

Always Opt For Fiber

Fiber is the key to weight loss. It can help you feel full faster and for longer. As our body takes time to digest fiber rich meal, it may help you stay satisfied long after eating. Moreover, fiber rich foods are high in volume, which means they can fill you up so you eat fewer calories. Hence, substitute white bread, pasta and other refined floor products with complex grain products.

Stop Eating In Front of the Television

Eating while watching TV can be disastrous. You tend to overeat while working on laptop, or watching TV or reading a newspaper. When you are distracted, you don’t realize how much you are eating and you tend to overeat.

This really is a change of mindset, make a habit of eating at a table, this is another way of synchronizing your mind and body. If you eat or snack when you are watching tv, using a computer or any other place other than a table you mind associates food with these places (not good). Only eat at a table or when you are watching tv or using the pc hunger will get the better of you.

watching tv

Take a Seat Before you Start to Eat!

Still on the subject of eating at the table a recent study has shown that eating at the table prevents binge eating. Eating on the go gives the signal that you haven’t taken a proper meal and you keep on munching throughout the day.

This is my biggest problem, I am always so busy trying to fit everything into my day that I often will eat food while preparing dinner or the kids meals. This is a habit I managed to break only a few weeks ago, I have noticed that when I sit down to eat my meal I really enjoy everything on my plate and it is rare that I will leave anything.

Out of Sign, Out of Mind – Just Don’t Buy It!

Keep candies, cupcakes, muffins away from your desk. Rid your fridge and cupboards of unhealthy snacks. You are more likely to overeat when your kitchen is full of tempting foods. While grocery shopping, make it a point that you avoid these unhealthy snacks and substitute them with whole grain biscuits, unsalted peanuts, unsweetened yogurt etc.

I know this is a subject of contention if you have kids and if you are like me you will have to compromise. I now don’t buy anything sweet (for me) for the kids I buy things they like and I don’t this helps but be warned if it’s in your house and you have a sugar craving you could be tempted even if you don’t like the item!

10 Ways To Control Overeating

Understand Why You Are Overeating.

As we all know, overeating can be induced by several factors such as boredom, anxiety, sadness, stress etc, it is important to understand the reason behind your overeating. Distract yourself if you are bored. Whenever you feel the urge to binge on something, call a friend or listen to your favorite music. This will distract your mind.

You need to find your happy place, what is it that you love to do? Me personally I love a number of things including baking, dance music and just a few cuddles with the kids. these things make me feel good and more importantly very happy.

These have been my 10 ways to control overeating – let me know if you have any further suggestions and I will consider adding them to the list.


6 Superfoods That Actually Work

Superfoods – Do they really work?

The quick answer is most defiantly YES! I’ve been eating superfoods before the term “superfoods” was invented and the long term benefits are huge. Getting healthy means you need to build up your immune system,  The body will always try to maintain a proper alkalizing balance in the body, and the immune system will always try to keep your body healthy, but if you aren’t keeping your body healthy by eating nutrient dense foods and exercising regularly, then your immune system is going to be compromised.

Superfoods can help to rebuild your immune system, cleanse the blood and get your body healthy again. Nature is always giving us foods to help us in any way we need it, we just have to educate ourselves so that we can use it to our advantage. Below are 6 superfoods that actually work (tried and tested by me) This is the ultimate way to boost your body back to a healthy state.

Acai Berry

Acai has been around for thousands of years in the Amazon. It has only been recently that this little super fruit has become known worldwide. Acai berries have been used for medical and health purposes, because of its high antioxidant properties. Acai berries have been shown to help kill cancerous cells in the body. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals in the body. Acai berries also contains vitamin C, A, calcium and iron. It is best to get freeze dried, raw powdered versions of the berry, as most of the drinks are mostly sugar from the pasteurization process. (buy here)

superfoods acai berries

Maca Root

Maca is a Peruvian root that has been around for over 2000 years. It is used to boost immune function, provide energy and supports fertility. Maca root helps to control blood sugar levels, and provides protein and amino acids that supports muscles. Maca is rich in calcium, potassium and contains trace minerals. It is a great body builder and supporter. (buy here)

superfoods maca roots powder

Goji Berries

Goji berries are one of the highest sources of natural vitamin C available Vitamin C plays major role in building up our immune systems. They also contain 21 trace minerals, vitamins E, A, B1, B2, and B6 and are a complete protein with 18 amino acids. Goji berries are a great source of antioxidants, which help fight the aging process. Goji berries are also great for stabilizing blood sugar levels, and can help lower cholesterol. (buy here)

superfoods goji berries bag

Green Powders

If you can only pick one superfood to add into your diet, then green powders should be that one. Green powders have the most overall immune boosters and body cleansers. Green powders usually consist of wheat grass, barley grass, chlorella, kale, spinach, etc. Green powders are concentrated powder forms of these green leafy plants that have been freeze dried and still in a raw state. Green leafy vegetables are the most nutrient rich foods on the planet, and contain the highest levels of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is second to our blood, with only one molecule being different. Chlorophyll cleans the blood and organs, and builds the blood back up. Green powders help to boost the immune system while providing vitamins, minerals and calcium that the body needs. (buy here)

Superfood green powders

Coconut Water

Coconut water is one the highest natural sources for electrolytes. Coconuts are antiviral and antibacterial, and aid in the elimination of fungi and yeasts in the body. Coconuts help to control cholesterol levels in the body, and build up the immune system. Coconut water is a blood builder, and body cleanser. Coconut water is the best naturally filtered water you can put into your body. (buy here)

6 Superfoods That Actually Work

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a small powerhouse filled superfood that will cleanse and detoxify your body, and therefore give your immune system a boost. Chia seeds are rich in fiber; they become gelatinous in the gut, and are able to sweep out the intestines and colon of toxins and mucus. They are full of omega 3 and 6, protein, calcium, manganese and phosphorus. Chia seeds help to cleanse the colon, there for allowing the colon to do its work properly. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and lowers bad cholesterol in the body. (buy here)

superfoods chia seeds bag

As you can see, in order to keep your body healthy is to eat high nutrient foods that can help to boost your immune system, and generate great health for you. When your immune system is high, then it can help keep the little germs and viruses at bay, when your immune system is compromised in any way, it can’t protect your body from those germs and viruses.

5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Obesity has become an epidemic, especially here in the USA, and there are more overweight people than ever before. Being overweight contributes to so many health problems and diseases. To make things worse, there are  so many  fad diets out there that claim to help you to lose weight, but instead, only make you gain more weight.

There is so much controversy and information about what works and what doesn’t, that it can make your head spin.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be a science. Anyone can begin to lose weight if they just follow my diet, and combine this with my exercise plan. Below are 5 tips for healthy weight loss, which if you follow can turn into long term weight loss. There is no quick fix, but we can become a healthy weight over time with the right steps.

Tip #1 – You might have a gluten issue!

Gluten is potentially one of the most dangerous ingredients, and yet is one of the most used ingredients in foods. Most people don’t even know that they have gluten intolerance, but just because you aren’t a full blown celiac, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a gluten sensitivity.

gluten free

Gluten causes all sorts of problems in the body, especially in the digestive system. It causes inflammation in the body, skin issues (including acne), weight gain, headaches and arthritis. Make sure to read all labels, anything that has wheat in it contains gluten. There are lots of gluten free options available in grocery stores, so try cutting out gluten for a week and see if you notice any positive effects.

Tip#2 – Stop Eating Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is one of the main causes to obesity, diabetes and other diseases in the body. It is processed, has absolutely no nutritional value, and is highly addictive. Refined sugar is in almost all packaged foods. Soda alone has almost 4+ tablespoons of sugar per can, and when you average it out that most Americans drink 3 – 4 cans per day, that’s a minimum of 16 tablespoons of sugar for one person.

soda cans

All that sugar equals empty calories, which equals a larger waistline. Packaged foods also contain sugar, and companies use other names to disguise it. Other names for sugar can include Dextrose, maltose, fruit concentrate, high fructose corn syrup, dextrin, brown rice syrup and sucrose are just to name a few.

I suggest using natural sugar from fresh fruits, and avoiding all chemical sugars at all costs.

Tip #3 – Get Your Body Moving

Our bodies are designed to move, not to sit around and watch TV. More pain comes from not moving our bodies then it does from moving them. There are many people who have to work at a desk all day, which means they aren’t getting enough daily exercise.

The good news is that adding exercise to your day is easier than you may think. Waking up 20 minutes earlier and take a short power walk in the morning, if you have a dog you can take them with you. At lunch time you can walk to the restaurant instead of driving if it is close enough.

Exercise for fitness


Take the stairs instead of the elevator, play in the yard with your kids, join the gym, buy a couple of exercise videos, or take a class like yoga or dance class 3 or 4 times per week.
As you probably already know I have an exercise app that is completely FREE, all you need to do is choose your body shape (Click here)
No matter what you decide to do, just get moving and keep moving. Your body will feel better, you will feel better, and you will lose weight.

Tip #4 – Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies need in order to be healthy. When we eat foods that lack these nutrients, then our bodies continue to want more food, hence why we still want to eat even after a big meal.

Best Workout and Food Plan According to Your Body Type


Our bodies aren’t hungry; they are deprived of nutrients needed in order to function properly.
Another important part of fruits and vegetables is their fiber. Fiber helps to clean out our colon, and keep our digestive systems running smoothly. Most Americans are overweight because they don’t eat enough fiber in their diets, and food sits in their stomachs and colons unable to get out.

If you’re not having at least one bowl movement per day, then you are not eating enough fiber.
Get my FREE diet plan simply choose your body shape to get started (click here)

Tip #5 – Drink More Water

This should be number one everyone’s list of things to make sure they do on a daily basis. Water is so important in our diets, and yet most Americans don’t drink hardly any water.

Instead, they fill themselves with soda, sugary fruit juices (the kinds that you buy at the stores, not fresh juices you make at home) and coffee. Our bodies are made up of 75 percent water, and we lose around 1 liter of water daily. Replacing water daily is so important to not only your health, but also your waist line.

Most times when we feel hungry, it is our body’s way of asking for water. Water flushes out toxins and acids that build up from the foods we eat, and everyday living like pollution.

Water keeps our skin healthy and glowing, and it helps to keep our weight down. The rule of thumb is 8 glasses of water per day, but it really should be tailored to each individual person. People who exercise more, and are generally more active, will need more water per day.

The Benefits of Raw Food

The majority of Americans have become dependent on take out foods and processed foods because it’s quick and easy but sadly addictive. That frozen broccoli with cheese sauce and that hamburger and fries at the take out window are quick, but they’re lacking in nutrients and are full of preservatives.

The Benefits of Raw FoodAs a consumer it is valuable to understand the foods we eat and the hazards or benefits of each.  Refined grains, Trans saturated fats, salt and high fructose foods are best avoided for a healthy diet. If continually consumed these unhealthy diets can cause cancer, high cholesterol and even heart disease.  The introduction of raw foods, unprocessed natural fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to your diet will bring many benefits. Here are just some of them that pose great health risks.

Overall Improvement to Health

The benefits of adding raw foods to your meals can help reduce cholesterol levels, as well as decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancers.  Raw foods also helps increase your immune system which in turn helps fight common ailments like colds, flu and also decrease aches and pains that can be debilitating.  Generally speaking, going raw will help you live a longer, healthier life.

Energy Boost

Raw food contains loads of natural vitamins and minerals and zero preservatives. According to one of the best rehab centers in Florida, adding raw food to your diet and removing processed foods will benefit the amount of energy you have.   Your body is like an engine.  If you feed your engine a better quality fuel, it will perform better.

Weight Loss

Remove foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients and replace them with raw, high fiber foods that are full of nutrients and you will find your digestive system works more efficiently.  Your appetite will naturally decrease when you continue to eat good foods because your body is getting what it needs and not continually craving something.  You are destined to lose weight as a result of changing your diet.

When you live off of microwave-ready dishes and fast-food, you may feel like you are eating and getting full. However, your body is actually not getting the nutrition it needs due to the poor health content of many of these foods. You put on weight while essentially starving your body of the nutrition it needs because you aren’t actually eating nutrient-rich foods. When you eat raw foods, you do just the opposite. You are then consuming low-fat, high-nutrient foods that give your body exactly what it wants without leaving excess fats and oils floating around in your digestive system.

Better Skin

By adding raw food to your diet your skin condition will improve.  Acne can be a problem at any age and is caused when the pores of the skin become blocked with oil and bacteria.  Acne is caused by hormones, poor diet, stress and genetics.  Raw food helps you detoxify your body, helps balance the hormones and slows down the insulin growth factor.  It also increases the cell turnover rate which decreases clogged pores, and makes your skin look radiant.

Many studies have supported the fact that cooking vegetables can kill important nutrients, and by eating raw foods such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and kale may reduce the risk of bladder cancer. Increasing your raw food intake is easier than you think.

Eating raw can also be a healthy and tasty experience.  Why not try this easy to make Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad?

Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad

This salad serves 6

¼ cup fresh lemon juice

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon minced shallot

1 small garlic clove –finely grated

¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil

1 ½ large bunches of Tuscan kale (about 1 pound in total), discard center stem and slice leaves thinly

12 ounces of Brussels sprouts which are trimmed and shredded or sliced thinly

1/3 cup almonds with skins, sliced

1 cup diced pear, apple or pomegranate seeds

Combine lemon juice, Dijon mustard, shallot, garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper in a small bowl.  Mix in the sliced kale and shredded Brussels sprouts, and then add the dressing and toss until dressing is evenly distributed.  Garnish with the fruit and nuts.

Another great way to introduce raw to your diet is to drink a smoothie.  There are many different recipes which contain fruit, and or vegetables and a smoothie is a great way to get those really good nutrients into you in a quick tasty drink. 

Here is a smoothie recipe worth trying:

Sunrise Smoothie

Serves 2


½ cup ice

½ banana, roughly chopped

1 cup fresh pineapple roughly chopped

1 orange peeled

½ cup coconut milk

Put all of the above ingredients in a blender and blend on high until the contents are smooth.  Then enjoy.

Eating raw does not necessarily mean that you must become vegan if this is not your desire.  You can add raw to your omnivore diet and still be rewarded by the benefits of it.

Enjoy crunching and blending your way to better health!

How To Naturally Curb Your Appetite And Avoid Overindulging

Naturally Curb Your Appetite

Not the superhero stuff where you fly mid-air and go crashing through buildings and vehicles and still look ridiculously handsome, let alone alive, but something more realistic (although the super powers would be cool too).Naturally Curb Your Appetite

I’m talking about no longer drooling over that tempting plate of steak burritos at the party or the glazed donuts in your favourite doughnut shop. Like a superhero deflecting bullets and energy blasts, you dodge the temptations that call out to you by name without giving them as much as a second glance.

Sounds good? Ok, read on.

The Ruthless Force of Nature on the Human Body

Nature has a pesky knack for playing pranks on the human body. Ironically, when we’re on a diet or a lean and mean bodybuilding fat loss regime, that’s when the body surges hormones and chemicals that actually increase our appetite and make us want to grab that cinnamon rolls more than anything else.

In other words, if you’re looking to shed those extra kilos, you may need to do more than just exercising and having a well-balanced diet.

One amazing thing about the vast nature around us is that some of them have the ability to suppress appetite in some ways. These are known as natural appetite suppressants and they work like a charm.

So let’s go ahead and call them out one by one:

Fill Up Your Glass With Some Good Old H20

Most people mistake thirst for hunger and so, grab a “quick snack” when all they need is just a glass of water.

Water is perhaps the, most natural appetite suppressants out there. Safe and unassuming sure, but by using it right, water can significantly help you curb your cravings and prevent you from gobbling those delectable treats that you’ll regret later.

Water is also extremely important when you are exercising check out our guide: click here

When you find yourself hungry at odd times of the day, reach for a cup of water before grabbing a snack Wait for at least 10 minutes and if you’re still really hungry, you can eat afterwards. But let’s say your “hunger” goes away after taking that glass of water. Hey, you just saved yourself additional calories that you’ll have to burn later on.

Now you’re probably thinking to substitute it with a soda or an iced tea. Ehm, not so fast, tiger. High calorie drinks further reduce water content in your body and is likely to contribute more to your thirst and give you the tendency to eat the snack your body didn’t really need. Water is your best bet to keep yourself hydrated. It leaves you less hungry and your metabolism can function better when it’s not battling with dehydration.

The Muscle Building Benefits of Alkaline Water

Eat With Your Nose

Did you know that the smell of certain food can help beat the cravings too? The scents of peppermint, banana, vanilla and green apples are great craving busters according to studies because they trick the body into thinking that it has already eaten. So the next time the evil hankering for unhealthy snack hits, sniff on these little rescuers. Your body will thank you for it.

Sip That Cuppa Joe

Caffeine is not just good for jolting you awake in the morning but also helps keep those cravings at bay. Studies have shown that coffee, especially the decaffeinated variety, can be a powerful appetite suppressant.

Starting your day with a cup of java ensures that you eat minimally throughout the day. But there’s one caveat: Cafeine is a diuretic that can dehydrate the body, so make sure to balance it by drinking a glass or two of water for each cup of coffee you consume.

5 Easy Tips for Getting Back Into Shape

Invest on Natural Appetite Suppressants

Want to avoid the caffeine crash and jitters? Try a natural appetite suppressant instead. Basically, these appetite suppressants work by releasing a natural compound that signals the brain that the body is already full and doesn’t need any more food.

The result,  it makes you more able to control your food servings and less likely to overindulge. If used the right way, appetite suppressants can greatly support weight loss and fat loss.

Some of the big players in the market today are Garcinia Cambogia, Acai Berry and Hoodia Gordonii. Make sure to do a good amount of research before buying any of these appetite suppressants. You’d also want to buy from the best brands out there to get the best out of your supplement investment.

The Bottom Line

Conquering your cravings doesn’t have to be dramatic where you sulk in self-pity while eating rabbit food. By knowing some neat hacks, you’ll find yourself walking away from every tempting treat without feeling sorry for yourself, sticking to your healthy diet plan and slowly starting to become the fit person you want to be.