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fitness questions and answers

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Q – Hi I’m 14 and I Really Want A Six Pack?

I have been doing 150 crunches, 30 leg lifts, and 50 press-ups per day for 3 weeks now! I also play at least 1 hour of badmington, and 1 hour of squash a week…
I eat quite healthily, and i would say that i had a balanced diet.

I was just wondering if i should increase my work load, and maybe eat specific muscle building foods. And if i continue these exercise how long do you reckon it will take to achieve a 6 pack??

Thanks very much!

A – Based on what you are telling your getting some really good cardio exercise twice per week and good abdominal muscle exercise from the exercises you are completing. Both should work well together as fat burning and muscle toning exercises respectively.However, I would incorporated some dead lifts and squats into your routine to actually build bulk to the ab muscles. Try doing them both twice per week doing for 8 reps for each four sets you do on each exercises.

What may surprise you is that most people actually have a six pack or close to it! the only thing that fails to make it visible is that there is a layer of subcutaneous and visceral fat surrounding the abdominal region.

It is for this reason that you should focus on eating correctly;

  • 1.5 grams of protein per pound of Bodyweight you are carrying
  • Eat you five-a-day in fruit and veg
  • Eat Low G.I foods such as brown rice, oats, wholegrain bread etc
  • Healthy fat such as olive oil, cashew nuts, almond and so on.

Check out these articles and follow the instructions, you will have a six pack in no time trust me:
The body2shape six pack guide

The body2shape Lose Belly fat guide 

If you need any more help or assistance please get back in touch or leave a comment on the page in question.

Q – Why am I Gaining Weight?

Hi I’m 16 and I have been working out for almost 2 weeks now. I do 30 minutes of cardio everyday and and an hour of weights. Everyday except Sundays. I’m eating healthy and I weight myself and I gain 5 pounds. People say that I gain muscle mass. But isn’t it IMPOSSIBLE to gain muscle mass in only 2 weeks?? HELP!!!!

A – Relax everything is normal, your body fluctuates in weight every day 4-5 pounds. Even if you weigh yourself at the same time every day, you can see differences that are not long term, but small changes.I suggest this: Don’t weigh yourself every day. Do it once a week.

Here’s another tip: More weight doesn’t mean you got fatter or more out of shape. Gaining weight may mean that you are drinking more water because you’re more thirsty.

You could be just very well-hydrated. As long as your dress sizes slowly come down and you feel better about yourself, IGNORE the numbers on the scale. They don’t accurately measure what’s happening with your body.

If you have any further questions now or in the future  please feel free to email again but don’t worry what you have described is perfectly normal.

Q – I Need To Get To 50 kg / 8 Stone and I’m 5’6 and I’m 15, Any Suggestions?

Before you say anything like, ‘it’s not about weight, it’s about how you look and how clothes fit’, well it’s not because i’m a dancer but not full time because i’m at school still. And my problem is that i’m too heavy to be lifted at 127 lbs.

I definitely have a good diet, drink lots of water and do exercise daily. And because i’m very active, i can’t compromise my health by crash-dieting or anything

Also im only 15 so please no diet pills cos i won’t be able to get them.

Thanks in advance!

A – Okay so you gotta lose appox. 17lbs. I think you diet is the most important thing to concentrate on because you must be quite active already due to your dancing. Here are some steps to get you on track;Eat protein, the strongest fat burning food! Protein such as chicken breasts, fish, eggs, meat etc. can increase the bodies thermic effect as your body works harder to digest these foods. Result increased fat loss.

4-5 meals per day: This is better than 1-2 big meals as It increases the work your body has to do to digest the food. Result increased fat loss.

Exercise to lose belly fat 3-4 times per week: A light to moderate power walk for a half a hour consistently.

DO NOT MISS MEALS!: This is SO important as young peoples biggest misconception is that eating less or nothing at all will help me lose weight. I won’t go into detail but trust me stick to your 4-5 meals per day with protein in every meal.

Check out our nutrition page  for articles about food and diet you may be surprised at what you may learn, it’s not as simple as cutting out sugar or eating vegetable (this is a good start though 🙂

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