Crossfit Fitness – Why Is It The Best Workout

Single Leg RDLs exercise

An unshaped belly is a problem of almost every working professional but the time is the biggest fitness obstacle for such people. You try to steal some minutes from your hectic schedule and after trying hard on machines to burn calories what do you get at the end? Efforts without training and guidance are just as useful as pushing the watt to move it.

the Guide for Novice Lifters

Cross fit fitness is a not so easy but most effective way to gain your fitness back, yes; I used the word not so easy because it need your efforts and zeal to get in shape. Crossfit fitness uses the mix of aerobic exercise, Olympic weight lifting and body weight exercises for cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment. The technique of varying weights, intense functional movement is used to gain desired results.

Why it is so effective? Many people doubt about the crossfit fitness but the essence of the high success rate is in its personal touch, unlike the gym and yoga classes it focuses on individual’s efforts in a team. It is more wonderful to put your efforts when you are surrounded by other people cheering you and at last the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you finish a workout faster than last time.

What makes crossfit fitness best?
Building relations: – unlike the professional gym, in crossfit you actually get in touch with others. Most of the crossfit fitness academies will offer you outing programs which in itself are more than sufficient to get to know our society.

  • Personal Coaching: – though it is not a one to one coaching still it comprises a personal feeling…
    Step by step: – You turn your own barometer. You know how much weight you are putting on shoulders and you know how many reps and sets you’re doing…you notice a constant improvement, you also have control on how much increase in weights and efforts you need. Slowly working your way you gradually develop your own way for mastering the prescribed workouts.
  • Encouraging: – At the end of the day you might end your workout lying on your back on the ground, but you have a sense of accomplishment when you finish a workout efficiently and effectively.
  • Hard competition: – it’s wonderful feeling when you push yourself more and more and gives an amazing feeling of being a part of something great when people around you cheer you up for you increasing efforts.

Only one day class of crossfit will change your life. It attracted so many people to weight lifting, especially women who would have never ever attempted to get off the treadmill and strength train.

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What are the cons of Crossfit fitness?

  • Not Becoming a Hamster: – Crossfit fitness is not designed to make you master of any particular domain like power lifting, or athlete. If you want to do so, search a professional coach for the specific field.
  • Uneven programming: – sometimes you need to do some exercise which looks odd and also which is not suitable for amateurs. Many exercises need highly professional way and timing to perform it which is done recklessly in crossfit.
  • Lack of Coherence: – it becomes very hard for you to track your own performance when you face no repetition of the past exercise which you mastered giving two weeks of your time.

Cost it may looks costumer when compared to other professional gym programs buy the price justifies the result.

Need a good “Guru” :- While doing advance moves it often require a month to [earn it perfectly and while doing so the heavy weights can lead you to painful injuries. so DO NOT rush to get a trainer, search a perfect coach which will save you from painful consequences.

Addiction: – last but not the least, you might get addicted of the crossfit fitness. This can go in pro or con depending on your own perception and the intensity of addiction. Many people who adopted crossfit fitness instead of traditional Aerobics, yoga or gym practices have found it more addictive but more effective as well. The madness about crossfit can be traced with the fact that people doing crossfit have developed their own language and own community where they are getting married only in the “Crossfit community”.

Author: Kelly worthington

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