The Physical Revolution Begins With CrossFit

Crossfit fitness is a kind of exercise that involves increasing endurance and building strength. Movements that are functional are used and one also works on their weakness. All these are combined to make up workouts of high intensity. With this sort of fitness program there are no routines instead the participant is challenged to aim at being the best.

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The participant does not need any conditioning or experience. What matters is their commitment to get stronger, faster, fitter and leaner.

Crossfit fitness workouts result in a balanced outcome since no muscles work individually. The whole body exercises as it is taken through a combination of lifting progressions applied in the Olympics arid simple gymnastics. This is the sort of workout for everyone whether they want to be fit, slender or they are in the national team. Since this looks like a fitness activity that anyone can engage in, one is left to wonder why many stilt don’t participate. The biggest excuse has always been lack of time and this is not solid because most of these workouts last only thirty minutes. This time period is inclusive of stretching and other warm-ups.

You may think because of the intensity of crossfit fitness exercises your body will become hard and bulky. Well this is not to be confused with body building which is done in an isolated manner. There are functional movements involved and this is actually how your body functions. With these workouts you get rid of fat, improve your heart’s health and increase your strength. One should not harbor thoughts of difficulty.

It is true that the activities involved are challenging and intense but you will never go beyond what you are capable of. In every session there needs to be a warm up that is extended. The next thing is to practice the techniques and skills involved. One should then do their work out for the day and finally when through you can cool yourself and do some stretching.

Crossfit Shorts

It is important to note the difference between crossfit fitness and other fitness activities. Crossfit workouts are usually done under the observation of a qualified trainer. Their role is to motivate and instruct you accordingly. They watch your progress and also guide you in what you should eat. There is no monopoly of certain workouts which actually lead to boredom and lack of interest.

This is because every day there is a main workout that is developed through various exercises. The time period spent at the gym is quite a lot compared to that spent in doing Crossfit fitness workouts. You spend thirty minutes every day that give you great results. In the gym it’s you against everything but with crossfit it’s a whole team working together. Everyone pushes one another to greater limits and they also challenge one another thus a problem shared is half solved.

All the workouts that you do with crossfit fitness are recorded. This is done in order for you to be faced with the challenge of beating a record set by you. There is nothing more powerful than self-motivation. Your body is engaging in a vigorous activity therefore it should be fueled up thus the question of what to eat before and after the workouts. Before the workout that is one or two hours before the workouts one can have a solid meal that contains carbohydrates.

There should be no liquids at this time. One can take 0.44 kilograms of both carbohydrates and proteins target of their weight. One hour after working out the meal can be either solid or liquid but the quantities still remain the same. The meals should contain carbohydrates and proteins. Having fats in your food is all up to you but it all depends on your fitness goals.

There are those who will go for the pale diet where food is body fuel. It does not look at the quantity of food that one eats but quality. One will be advised on the correct nutritional path to take by their trainers. Eating well is the key to having a successful workout without tiring. Crossfit fitness is suitable for anyone who has never done any sort of weight training. One is able to start the basic stenos in an environment that is friendly and has less pressure.

Author: Katie Hewitson

I am a mom of two wonderful kids, I enjoy a wide range of sports and like to eat healthy food and drinks. I love to write so combining my love for fitness and healthy food with writing is more than enjoyable and I look forward to all your feedback and comments.