Best Workout & Food Plan for your Body Type

Best Workout and Food Plan According to Your Body Type

Below are some of the workout tips and food plans depending on your body shape. 

Best Workout for a Pear Shaped Body

As the shape suggests, you have the body that is narrower from top but slightly curved and burst from the lower side. It is the same shape as the pear has. This put some extra effort on the account of the ladies with the pear shaped body. It is important for them to have the well shaped thighs, hips, arms, and shoulders.

pear body shape

Workout Tips There are a number of exercises that you can pick for the effective workout. An hour is enough for you to tone your body. You can pick exercises like:

Food Plans The first best step towards a toned pear body is to watch out your daily intake of fats. Make sure that you are eating more carbohydrates and proteins so that it can be stored in your body to serve you later. You can design your meal in the following way:

  • For breakfast: Have a medium Banana, Orange juice, Instant oatmeal.
  • For lunch: Whole wheat white bread with a tablespoon light mayonnaise, Deli roast beef, Reduced-fat cheese, and a tomato with some fruit.
  • For Dinner: Have a Skinless chicken, Salsa made with black beans and diced tomato.  You can also have low fat cheese, White roll, and Green beans.
  • Dessert: Any sugar-free pudding will be fine.

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Best Workout for a Ruler Shaped Body

Ruler shape bodies hardly put on weight. They only have the indication of putting on weight with the least belly pot. The curves are rather not present in the straight body type. To have them, some of the exercise tips are good to do throughout the week.

Ruler body shape

Workout Tips The women can do some work on their abdominal muscles and oblique. This way, they can give some curves to their straight body to enhance their beauty.  By trying some of the effective workouts, like:

  • Plank with a twist
  • One-legged Assisted Dip
  • Oblique twist with medicine ball
  • Hamstring curl and bridge on a ball

Food Plans The good is to take proteins and carbohydrates with balanced amount of fats. Though, for the straight body types, the weight is not that an issue but still, you must be careful with what you are eating. You can have:

  • For Breakfast: You can have  Scrambled eggs, an apple or grapefruit, vegetable omelet, and Zero calorie yoghurt.
  • For Lunch: Chicken pasta, Cheese burrito, Turkey wrap, and some mixed salad.
  • For Dinner: You can have miso Salmon, Spicy chicken pasta, Steamed snapper with Pasto, and Penne with Chicken Marengo.

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Best Workout for a Hourglass Shaped Body

This shaped lady is full from the top and from the bottom too. They don’t need to make extra efforts for the curves, they have it! But, at the same time, they counter with the risk of gaining some weight too. A good work out technique and food plan can help them in controlling that easily.

Hourglass Body Shape

Workout Tips By picking out the workout tips, you can simply control your body to put on extra weight and to make it look good in any type of outfit. You must take out time to do the following exercises:

  • Thai Chi Lunge
  • Squats
  • Bicycle Crunch

Food Plans A food full of nutrition is the best one for this body type. Pick out any of the foods from the list and enjoy your healthy living.

  • For Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter, Eggs, Greek yogurt, Banana, Scrambled Eggs, and Grapefruit.
  • For Lunch: Gobblegauc Sandwich, Spicy chicken pasta, Turkey wrap, and Apple. You can even do some eating out on weekends.
  • For Dinner: Salad with olive oil, Veggie burger, Chicken Spinach parm, 2 cups of snow peas, Brown rice, Lemon chicken with rice,  and Penne with chicken marengo.

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Best Workout for a Apple Shaped Body

Short waist, narrow hips, broad shoulders, and back are the combination of a perfect athletic body. These body types enjoy the lower risk of weight gains. They need to have the regular exercising for toning their belly and thighs in shape.

Workout Tips Do some smart exercises for keeping your strong body in better shape. The must-do ones are:

  • Pushups and leg raise
  • Second position plies
  • Cardio intervals ( running)
  • Triceps Extensions

Food Plans Have a balanced 1,500 calories per day to maintain your body. This is certainly the best one for the active women. You must pick out the foods of your choice to map out your meals:

  • For Breakfast: Lean eggs and Ham, Scrambled eggs, any fruit, Zero fat yogurt, and vegetable omelet.
  • For Lunch: Chicken pasta, Black beans, Cheese Burrito, Rich Salads, and Turkey wrap.
  • For Dinner: Quick Lemon chicken with rice, Veggie burger with bun, potato fries, Salad with olive oil, and Salmon.

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Author: Emily Rhinier

I am a newly qualified gym instructor specializing in yoga and nutrition. I will be writing about everything I have learned over the past 4 years of training and hope the information will be useful to you all.