How To Get A Beach Body With Tips To Get In Shape

how to get a beach body workout

Beach body, one of the key terms we all should familiarise ourselves with before departing on a summer holiday.

how to get a beach body workoutFor some it is an absolute necessity to have the perfect beach body, for others it is a term they try hard to distinguish themselves from. Whatever your view, “beach body” is a term you will hear time and time again over the summer months.

Not everyone is comfortable with the words beach body, there are no guidelines to explain what it refers to and it can be interpreted differently from one person to the next. For most it refers to a muscular, well defined body which can be flaunted and displayed publicly without embarrassment or humiliation.

Reading the above some may argue that their body isn’t muscular or well defined yet contrary to the above statement, they do not feel embarrassed or humiliated whilst on a beach. There are many people with this view and for them this article may seem somewhat pointless or at times offending.

For those aspiring to develop a body suitable to fit into the stereotypical category of the beach body however this article how to get a beach body contains a whole hosts of beach body tips including diet advice, body care and cellulite management.

There are many good beach body tips that can contribute to the look of your figure. To say that it’s just the amount body fat or muscle you are holding is nonsense. As this article explains, there are a catalogue of hints and tips which look at all types of body management, not just fat and muscle.


diet for healthy living

Your diet contributes to the way your body looks, not only can the food and drink you consume determine  body composition (i.e your body fat and body muscle) but also your appearance, dry skin and blemishes for example.

For the best dieting results it is important to be consistent.
Starting a new ‘beach body’ diet a week before going on holiday will not have any effect. However, preparing in advance and following a set diet plan over a period of four to six months will give your body time to adjust and you will see excellent results.

Below is a diet plan for males, for female diet plans please view our body shape section to complement your training regime.
A set diet plan will reduce fat and increase muscle when incorporated with the workout routine.
It’s important to understand everyone is at different levels and results will vary depending on your current body fat and level of fitness.

Time of Day Food Options Useful Links
8am Breakfast Mixed berry smoothie
3 Pieces of fruit
Smoothie recipes
12Noon Lunch Bowl of vegetable soup (home made if possible)+ Pork, chicken or turkey salad sandwich – Wholemeal bread tomato/cucumber/lettuce/low fat margarineor Sandwich wrap

+ Tossed salad – red and white onions/tomatoes/lettuce/boiled eggs/red and yellow bell peppers

Veg Soup RecipeWrap Recipes
3pm Snack 100 grams of nuts30 grams of seedsSmall bowl of wholemeal pasta2 pieces of fruit Low Fat Foods List
6pm Dinner Grilled chicken breast – 3 portions of vegetables or
Poached salmon or cod – 3 portions of vegetables or
Butternut squash salad
Butternut squash salad
8pm Snack Cottage cheese on rivita/wheat bread2 pieces of Fruit Helpful Food List

All of the above are just suggestions to get you started try researching healthy diet menus or options on-line to keep things interesting.

Usually, the diet is the best way to go about improving the look and texture of the skin.
The main things I would advocate are:

  • Drinking enough water
  • Taking a fish & flaxseed oil supplement
  • Eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day
  • Cups of Green Tea

These 4 Tips are proven to keep the skin clear, youthful and healthy-Looking!

Skin Care

fake tan for healthy skin

While your diet contributes mostly to the way your skin looks there are also other things you can do to help enhance your skin’s appearance.

Tanning – This makes a huge difference to people who have a naturally white skin color. There are a few options available for men and women who wish to increase their skin tone.
These include tanning beds and fake tan variations, Some may view these options as slightly over the top and therefore rule them out, however a good tan does make your body more visually appealing, a body tone study of 3000 + people identified darker skin to be 84% more attractive to all skin tones, the percentage increased along with the darker skin tones of participants.

If  you’re considering tanning your skin please fully research the facts, exposure  to the sun or sunbeds can increase the chances of skin cancer.

Ex foliation – Get into the habit of ex foliating your skin to remove dead skin cells that accumulate especially on your back.
Dead skin is very unattractive but can be easily treated at a low cost.

Body Hair – This one is for men in particular. A bit of light chest hair is perfectly acceptable on the beaches or out and about during the summer time.
However, if it’s coming up over your shoulder and onto back it’s probably worth while taking out the body groomer or seeing your local hair removal expert.
Again this is not a massive expense and a expert can advise you in more detail.

Beach Body Workout Routine


The ideal beach body workout should be something that helps you to decrease body fat and build or tone muscle to help you to get ripped.

For both men and women, total gym workouts in the form of circuit training are the most effective for burning fat but at the same time building muscle mass. In a similar way to the diet plan above, individuality must be stressed as people tend to have different degrees of aerobic fitness and strength.

Consequently, It’s always it’s recommended that you try out these workouts and find the routine that  challenges and fatigues you without going over-board. The routine below is ideal for building muscle and reducing fat but if you are not enjoying any aspect you should re-evaluate the routine and make changes as you see fit.

The beach body workout below takes the format of a day on day off pattern, it’s important to rest your body to prevent injury and build muscle tissue during rest periods.
The most important thing about doing this workout is INTENSITY! If you don’t have intensity you won’t burn fat and you won’t gain muscle mass!

So, what do I mean by intensity?

Intensity, in body toning exercises, has to do with the stress you place your body under, stress is essential for us to develop both physically and mentally. If you’ve ever studied for exam or tried to memorize the lines for a speech you have, at some point, put your mind under pressure or stress to absorb the content which you need to know.

This is the same with exercise except you place your physical body under stress.
How do you do this? Well, things like short rest periods between sets of a given exercise, the load in which you have to lift, the repetitions you complete of an exercise and the duration of your workouts are a few good examples.

Of course there is only so much stress you bodies nervous systems can take, so this is why I emphasize again the importance of making your workout challenging and tiring but not too the stage of total exhaustion.

Below I have outlined a whole body workout, which you can to chose do for the entire 4 week period and then start again from the beginning or as I said above change the routine for your own personal requirements.

Do the following exercises right though with no rest, unless stated.

[wpsharely id=”2933″]

Week 1
Day Morning Exercise Evening Exercise  Info & Links 
Monday 45 minutes running 30 x Scissor reps
30 x Full body crunch
Pesilates exercises examples
Tuesday  40 x Standard push up’s
40 x Narrow push up’s
25 x Flat bench presses
25 x Inclined bench presses
Push up examplesWeight training examples
Wednesday  Rest Day Rest Day
Thursday  45 minutes Swimming 45 minutes Cycling
Friday  45 minutes Cycling 45 minutes Swimming
Saturday  Rest Day Rest Day
Sunday  HIIT – week 1 – 1 routine HIIT – week 1 – 1 routine View HIIT example
Week 2
Day Morning Exercise Evening Exercise Info & Links
Monday  45 minutes rowing 40 x Chest fly reps
60 x Standard sit ups
Weight training demo
Tuesday  Rest Day Rest Day
Wednesday  40 x Standard push ups
40 x Floor presses
45 minutes Running
Thursday  40 x Bicycle Crunches
40 x Scissors
Beep test Guide to the beep test
Friday  Rest Day Rest Day
Saturday  45 minutes Swimming 45 minutes Cycling
Sunday  HIIT week 2 – 1 routine HIIT week 2 – 1 routine
Week 3 
Day Morning Exercise Evening Exercise  Info & Links
Monday  Rest Day Rest Day
Tuesday  45 minutes Cycling 45 minutes Station circuit training Guide to circuit training
Wednesday  50 minutes Station circuit training 45 minutes Swimming
Thursday  Rest Day Rest Day
Friday  40 x shoulder presses
40 x deltroid raises
55 minutes Station circuit training Weight training demo
Saturday  HIIT week 3 – 1 routine HIIT week 3 – 1 routine
Sunday  Rest Day Rest Day
Week 4 
Day Morning Exercise Evening Exercise  Info & Links
Monday 40 x wide push ups
40 x weighted push ups
45 minutes Running Press up guide
Tuesday 45 minutes Rowing 40 x Oblique single leg stretches
40 x Full body crunches
How to guide
Wednesday  Rest Day Rest Day
Thursday  40 x Shoulder shrugs
40 x Upright rows
Beep test
Friday  20 x Deadlifts
20 x Barbell rows
45 minutes running
Saturday  Rest Day Rest Day
Sunday  HIIT week 4 – 1 routine HIIT week 4 – 1 routine



Be careful when lifting heavy weights, try to have someone close by when training in case of an emergency.
Don’t ignore the rest days they are just as important as the training days.
Remember to drink fluids at regular periods even when not training.
Don’t over do it and don’t push yourself to breaking point every day.
Seek medical advice before testing new workout routines.
Remember to warm up and stretch before doing any exercise.

Losing Cellulite

The final part of how to get a beach body is about cellulite is a sequence of ripples of fat cells and subcutaneous connective tissue under the skin. Usually found on the lower body, particularly in women, probably because of a difference in cell structure between the two genders.

You can reduce cellulite by reducing caffeine, alcohol, highly saturated fats and increasing water and fruit intake.

These few topics are all subject to how you feel. If you think you do not need any of the advice and feel that you happy to expose you body then go right ahead, good for you.

Remember, these are only tips, not everyone strides to have the best looking body on the beach. Some people are naturally comfortable with the way they look, no matter how over weight they look, how hairy their back is or how much cellulite is in their thighs.

It is important to remember that your ideal beach body may not be the same as someone else’s; it is a matter of personal preference. This article has outlined the main factors which can contribute towards developing the stereotypical ‘beach body’. If anyone has any further tips or would like to discuss their view on a beach body then please do not hesitate to add a comment.

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